Fatal Kiss

{ Fanfic mash up of Exo, BTS, and 2pm! }

Claire's life is the same as any average teenager's; Wake up, go to school, eat, sleep, and repeat. Until one night when a life changing incident happens and a handsome but dangerous stranger saves her life. Then Claire is exposed to the dangers of the supernatural world as her and the mysterious man, Kim Taehyung, fall in love. Will Taehyung be able to save Clarissa's life once again as a darker and stronger power moves into the neighborhood?

Read to find out.


4. Chapter Four - Unwelcome Visitor

   Taehyung stood Claire up onto her feet and she just stared at him confused. Then instantly that confusion turned into anger and she slapped his arm. He didn't flinch at all or look hurt but just gave her a perplexed look. 

   "What was that for?" he asked. 

   "For disappearing without a word for almost three days then scaring me to death." 

   "As for the scaring you, I am sorry but I thought it would be fun," Claire glared at him and he chuckled, "and the disappearing, it isn't like we are dating so what does it matter?" his lips tugged into a smirk and his eyes looked into Claire's expecting a reaction which she gave him. 

   Claire almost flinched at his words not only did they hurt but she realized that he really did think she was going over board. "It doesn't matter. Never did." she spat. Taehyung laughed. 

   Then Claire remember something. "Oh no! The noodles!" she yelled and ran to the kitchen. Claire turned down the heat and stirred the noodles, luckily they weren't ruined. Taehyung somehow appeared in the kitchen next to her. 

   "Here let me." he said after handing her the knife she'd dropped. Claire put it into the pocket of her joggers and moved out of the way for him to take over. She jumped up onto the counter next to the stove watching him. 

   His eyes met her's and Claire sucked in a breath from his gaze which he noticed. She blushed and, clearing her throat, said, "So what were you doing these past few days?" 

   The smile slowly faded from his face and he said, "I don't want to talk about it." 

   "Okay." was all she said even though she was extremely curious. 

   Five minutes passed as Claire watched Taehyung watch the noodles intently while he stirred them every few seconds. With a sigh she jumped down from the counter and at the same time Taehyung took the pot off the stove and was about to walk into her with it but thankfully his reflexes were fast and he moved the pot away from her so only his shoulder slightly skimmed her's. Leaving traces of warmth on her skin.

   "Oh, um, sorry." Claire said and stepped aside. Taehyung walked past and to the sink where he dumped out some of the water. Once he set it on the counter Claire stood next to him. 

   "So how was the doctor appointment?" he asked. 

   "What? You were there?" 

   He nodded and met her eyes with an amused look. "Why else would she suddenly change her mind? I was the cause of that." 

   "How?" Claire whispered. She knew she didn't have to be quiet but she was too shocked to speak loudly. 

   "Every vampire has some sort of sense or ability that is different from all the others. Mine, I can almost whisper into some one's mind and disturb how they think. It is kind of like compulsion, which all vampires have, except mine is ten times more powerful."

   Claire nodded and watch him carefully as he stirred in the seasoning. Taehyung looked into her eyes and they held each others' gaze. Now that she was close up to his eyes, they had little specks of gold in them. She lost herself in his eyes and felt her heart pick up speed. 

   Suddenly fear pricked at her and the hairs on the back of her neck rose. Claire felt something was off like something or someone else was in the house watching them. Her heart began to race and her palms sweat. 

   "Is something wrong, Claire?" Taehyung's voice was full of worry. 

   She gulped, "T-Taehyung," his eyebrows furrowed deeper, "there's someone else in the house." 

   At that moment, the floor creaked above them. The guest bedroom. Claire and Taehyung both stood still and watched the floor as if they'd see the foot steps. Suddenly it was quiet. Claire's wide eyes met Taehyung's and she shook. 

   His eyes narrowed and became dark, the golden specks no longer visible in his pitch black eyes. "Stay here." he growled. Taehyung instantly disappeared with the wind upstairs. 

    Claire faced towards the entrance to the kitchen gripping the counter top behind her. Her breath was labored and her heart felt like it was going to burst from her chest. She couldn't concentrate on anything other than to stay alive. 

    Then he entered the kitchen. Not Taehyung but a taller thin man. His light brown hair was gelled back and he had a wicked smile on his face. "So we finally meet." Sehun said. Claire looked at him confused and he laughed. "I know you're wondering why I am here. Well if you must know, I came to see you." 

    "Wh-what do you want from me?" her voice shook. 

    He was suddenly in front of her. "I just want you babe," he chuckled, "to be honest, I came here to get revenge on your little friend Taehyung for all the trouble he caused me but seeing as how he saved your life you must be important to him so why not just use you to get revenge? However, he does have a good eye for the beautiful ones." Sehun's cold hand stroked Claire's cheek. 

    "You won't have me." Claire glared at him. 

    "We'll see about that." he said, his voice becoming more serious. Sehun's eyes bored into Claire's and she couldn't help but to keep staring into them. 

     She noticed his lips were coming closer and closer to her's. Claire could tell that it wasn't a good idea to let him kiss her. But she couldn't move or even blink. She was stuck and knew he was a part of it. 

     Then she remembered how Taehyung had gone upstairs and wondered if he was okay. Worry and fear filled her once more and Claire broke from the spell. Her hand grabbed the still hot pot of roman noodles and she flung the noodles in his face all the while hitting him in the head with the pot. 

     Sehun fell to the floor being caught off guard but he wasn't stunned for long. He let out a growl and stood up quickly, wiping off the noodles he glared at her. "Now I'm mad." his hand gripped the front of her shirt and pulled her too him. 

     "Get your hands off of her." a voice said from the door way. 

    Claire was spun in a quick circle and pressed against Sehun's chest with his hand holding her jaw. "I don't think so. I was going to play nice but she angered me greatly." 

     Taehyung's narrowed eyes met Claire's for a moment and in that moment she saw his eyes soften in worry for the slightest second then they became dark as the met Sehun's. "If you don't let her go-"

     "You'll what? Listen here Ripper," Taehyung flinched at the name, "If you even take one step forward I will cut your little lovely's throat with my own nails." Sehun's voice came out in a snarl. 

     Cut? Claire's eyes widened as she remembered the knife she'd put in her pocket earlier. Sneakily she slid it from her pocket. Taehyung's eyes flickered to it then her for an almost unnoticeable second. 

     "See? You can't do anything now. You are completely defenseless, just like I was. How does it feel Taehyung? To be stuck like this? But I don't know if I will kill her just yet, I kind of like her. Maybe I'll just -" Claire whipped the knife and plunged it into Sehun's chest before stepping back. 

     Sehun's eyes met her's and he collapsed to the ground. Taehyung's hand grabbed her's and he yanked her away. "Come on it won't keep him down for long!" they ran up the stairs and rushed into the guest room. Taehyung flung her in there while he shut and locked the door then he quickly opened the balcony door and pushed her through it. 

     The cold stung her bare skin and she shivered. Taehyung closed the door and climbed onto the railing of the balcony and pushed himself up to the roof. He looked down at her holding out his hand. "Come on! Before he gets here!" 

    Claire climbed onto the railing and yelped as the guest room door broke open. Taehyung's hand grabbed her's and she was pulled onto the roof. They ran along the top off it and Taehyung jumped down onto a lower leveled roof at the front of the house. He turned and opened his arms for her to jump into. She jumped down and crashed into him. 

    But instantly she was ripped from his arms and a darker set of arms threw him away from her. Sehun's hand held tightly onto the back of her neck and he hissed between his teeth. Taehyung stood to his feet and glared at Sehun and the new comer who now stood between them. It was Kai.  

    Claire tried to pull from Sehun's gripped but it only painfully tightened. She let out a yell of pain and Taehyung growled jumping towards them but Kai just pushed him back again. 

     "I tried to drag this out as long as possible but this one," he shook Claire, "is quite a challenge. So I think I will make this quick for my patience is running low." Sehun turned Claire's face towards him. He smirked down at her, "I promise you, we will meet again." then his lips crashed into her's. 

     "No!" Taehyung screamed. His body crashed into Kai's who struggled to keep Taehyung back. 

     Claire felt something sickening slide down her throat making her gag. It slithered its way into her body and Claire fell unconscious. When Sehun pulled back he grinned wickedly to Taehyung who struggled even more. Then Sehun and Kai disappeared. 

    Taehyung ran forward instantly catching Claire's unconscious body as it started to fall off the roof.

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