Dear Mama [l.h]

When one has everything in the world and the other has the dirt that they walk on, things tend to get quite interesting.


3. Two


"Come home immediately, we have important news for you." Luke's mother and father speak into the phone. Luke sighs, knowing that he was having fun torturing the innocent and disgusting poor people.


"I'll be there soon." Luke lies, hanging up. He takes one last look at the girl before speaking. "What's your names?"


"You just have insulted us and now you're asking our names?" The girl asks sassily. Luke looks at her and the tight grip on the ten dollar bill before smirking and doing a deep-voiced chuckle.


"Yes. Or I can just take my money back and you can go back to having no source of money whatsoever." The girl huffed before rubbing the dirty child next to her's back.


"I'm Diana and this is my little brother Jackson." Diana, who consists of dirty black hair and green eyes with pink freckles, points to the child next to her. His hair looks more of a dirty blonde and his eyes look more brown. The boy didn't have freckles to match Diana's either.


"Well, I might be back tomorrow. Bye."



Just moments after the nameless blonde walks away, a woman in a business suit with a guy holding a camera behind her comes up to Diana and Jackson. Quickly, Diana pulls her little brother behind her, thinking that they're social workers. The woman lifts an eyebrow before opening her mouth.

"Excuse me? Are you homeless and poor and in need of money?" The woman asks with an announcer voice.

"Yes?" Diana stutters. The woman claps for herself before smiling a wide, bright smile.

"My name's Christie, nice to meet you! I'm in charge of a television show called Swap It! where we swap the lives of the rich and the poor, and you just happen to catch my eye."Christie persuades. "We have a new family that would love for their son to get the chance to see what it would be like if he had a horrible life like yours, so all we need is for you two to agree and sign some papers then come with us!"


"Look, if this is some sort of scam-"


"No scam at all! You can read over the papers then decide if you want. We don't want to pressure you into anything or bribe you in any way shape or form. That's against our rules and well," Christie frowned, still showing teeth. "I'd get fired."


Diana nodded and read over the paper as Christie and the cameraman had small talk and waited for her to get finished. When Diana was done reading over the rules, she spoke up.


"There are three rules you must agree to before I sign this." Diana instructed. Christie nodded.

"What are they?"

"First; Jackson must come with me. Second; I can stay in the house as long as I want, not just for six months. Three; we get paid to do this or else we're backed out."


"I can help you with all of those except the second one. You'll only be allowed to stay in the adult's house for six months unless given permission by the owners. Deal?" Diana looked at Christie's open hand, mentally making her decision.



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