Dear Mama [l.h]

When one has everything in the world and the other has the dirt that they walk on, things tend to get quite interesting.


4. Three



As he arrived in his large mansion of a home, he smiled. He liked the comfort of having something the poor girl he saw on the street didn't. He knew it was pretty jerky of him but he enjoyed it way more than he should have.


"Luke! You're home!" His mother called from the kitchen. Sighing, Luke followed her voice. Once he arrived, there were a few men and women at the table in the kitchen, along with his mother. 


"What's going on?" Luke asked. He'd been in a lot of government related troubles but he didn't think it'd get this bad. 


"We need to explain something to you," His mom said with a pathetic smile on her face. "You're going to be homeless and poor. We're not losing money, we're actually gaining a quite large amount. But in order to get it, you'll have to leave for about six months."


Luke froze in his spot. He didn't know what to do or how to think. He was becoming poor, and not just the kind where you only carry dollar bills on you, but the kind where you would die to see a penny. Not only that, but the worst part of all was that he was going to end up being just like Diana and her brother. He didn't any of that, so he decided to speak up about the situation.


"No." He yelled. His mother seemed stressed out while his father looked as if he knew Luke was going to argue about it.


"Luke we already signed the papers. What's done is done."


"Well erase the signatures! I don't care what you do as long as I'm not staying on the streets!"


"Lucas, go to your room." His father instructed. Luke kicked over a chair before doing as told, and making sure to lock his door behind him as he did.



Diana was happy to be in the situation she was currently in. After all, she was going to be staying in a mansion for a whole six months. She did feel bad for whoever was replacing her or switching lives though. She or he would have a lot to learn. Plus they would need to know how to defend themselves from creeps on the streets.


"Humph..." Diana thought. "Creeps On The Streets. That could be a movie one day." 


She told her brother. He was lying down in a corner alleyway, wrapping himself up with a dirty towel that they had found the other day. Anything they could get their hands on they would use. The people in this city were so wasteful anyway. They didn't care about their tools or things they had in their everyday lives unless they had to use it.


"It might be one." The faint voice responded.


Diana smiled and brushed the hair on his forehead back. Jackson was getting a lot more sick lately. His temperature was high, he looked pale, and anything he ate he would throw up. It wasn't like he was doing this recently, it's been happening for about two years. Diana would love to bring him to the doctor, but she never had the money for it. It's too expensive and would take up a lot of their years' worth of savings.


"Are you alright?" 

"Yeah. Just a little cold."

"How? Your temperature is up so high and yet you're cold?" 

"Just a little."


Diana sighed and stood up, grabbing the ripped up towels she usually covered herself up with and placed it over Jackson. He smiled a small smile before his face scrunched up. Sitting up, he patted his chest heavily before coughing into his hand. He couldn't stop either, he just kept coughing and coughing. Once he was done, Diana looked at him worriedly. He had red liquid all over his mouth and hands.


It was blood.

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