Dear Mama [l.h]

When one has everything in the world and the other has the dirt that they walk on, things tend to get quite interesting.


2. One


As the wind blown by him effortlessly, he stood there. He was watching the poor, small girl and boy on the street who were cuddling each other for warmth. If Luke were a good person, he would go over there and give them some money. Since he didn't really care and wasn't generally the nicest person, he decided to walk over to them.


"Do you have any spare change?" The girl's quiet voice somehow managed to speak up.

"I do, but I don't feel like giving you any." Luke said with pride running through his veins. "Poor people like you don't deserve to be rich. You'll just use the money for yourselves and that's plain selfish."


"Okay." The girl whispered, turning back towards her brother and rubbing on his limp shoulders.


They looked dirty. The girl looked presentable, all she needed was for her dull clothes to be washed. The boy on the other hand looked anorexic. Luke was pretty sure that if he lifted up his shirt he would see skin grasping tightly onto the boy's rib cage. The child looked no older than ten and had multiple dirt stains on his body and bags under his eyes. Luke was disgusted with the poor thing and sighed.


"Here," He pulled a ten dollar bill (which right beside it was a one hundred) out of his wallet and tossed it to the kids. "Go wash, you both look like trash."


The girl smiled, revealing her dull yellow teeth that were crooked in the worst ways. "Thank you sir."



Holding onto Jackson and the dollar bill, Diana smiled at the teenager. His appearance stated to her that he was rude, and she decided to act like he didn't bother her. His blonde hair swept over his forehead flatly, his blue eyes seemed narrow and dull, and his white dress shirt and black dress pants stated to Diana that he possibly could have given more, but she decided not to touch on the topic.


"Thank you sir." She lied. She wasn't thankful for the pity money she was given from the arrogant arse of a boy, but since it was a donation towards their larger fund that consisted of $95, she was glad that she was offered the money.


"Well you should be thanking me. I'm helping you no longer stench up the world." The boy said proudly. Diana wanted to stand up then and there and push him into the road but decided not to.


"You're right," She lied once again. "But then again I didn't choose to be poor, it's just the way I grew up."


Just when Diana was about to attempt to shoo the boy away, his device rang. The boy picked it out of his pocket and answered it, Diana only hearing the words "Okay," or "Maybe?" every few seconds. She just sat there with her brother Jackson waiting for him to leave them alone.


"I have to leave. Don't follow me home." The boy picked on her. Diana shrugged.


"I would never."

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