Dauntless Born

My name is Miira Trainer. You probably know my best friend, Beatrice Prior, or 'Tris' for short. But without me, none of the great, amazing things that she did would have happened. I might not be divergent. I might not be a main character in her life. But you know what I am?
....I am a dauntless born turned over to abnegation. And I will tell my side of this story.


2. The Jump

    The crashing sound of a train echoes in my ears as we jump off of it. I land perfectly on my feet and begin to walk like it was nothing, like I'd done it a thousand times. While other people were whining about how the fall hurt, I cried on the inside like a winner. Dauntless was tough; they didn't play the crybaby game. I look back over my shoulder to see Beatrice with a dark skinned girl dressed in Candor clothes. I shrug and continue to walk. It was good Beatrice had made friends. People to protect her when I wasn't there.

    Someone places a hand on my shoulder, spinning me away from my thoughts as I come face to face with a boy with blond hair who is U-G-L-Y to the bone. Ok, maybe I was being to hard on him. He wasn't bad looking, just not my type.

"You're pretty." He smirks when he says the words.

"Your not." I shrug out of his hands and begin to walk away. I hear his footsteps follow. He grabs my hand.

"Can you stop?" I say, yanking out of his grasp.

"Come on. Loosen up." He reaches for me, but I jerk away.

"I don't want you touching me."

"A cute guy like me?"

"If today's opposite day."

He narrows his eyes."Take that back."

I don't stop walking. "Nope."

He leaps for me. "I said, take it back!" He grabs at me, snatching a handful of my hair, but I twist around and slam my knee in between his legs, and he falls with widened eyes. I hear people laugh behind us as I stand over him. After he goes fully read in the face, I walk away. Stupid boys. And by the looks of it he was Candor.

The man with us comes to a stop at the end of the building. "So, lets skip the formalities," he starts with a wicked grin, "Who's gonna jump first."

I'm stepping forward when Beatrice's voice calls out, "I will." I here the annoying boy talk shit about stiffs, and smile as my best friend throws her gray cardigan at him. And, looking down, she jumps. A wave of fear washes over me, but it passes just as quickly. Thinking about it logically, no one should die from this because if we did, Dauntless wouldn't be a faction.

I'm the second to go, and I happily throw myself off. Just as I suspected, my body hit a net, and two men are there, helping me get off. One of them helps me get my caught foot out of it and I smile at him, ready to thank him, when my eyes go wide as I realize who he is.


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