Dauntless Born

My name is Miira Trainer. You probably know my best friend, Beatrice Prior, or 'Tris' for short. But without me, none of the great, amazing things that she did would have happened. I might not be divergent. I might not be a main character in her life. But you know what I am?
....I am a dauntless born turned over to abnegation. And I will tell my side of this story.


1. Prologue

  As soon as Beatrice walked off the stage to dauntless, her father glaring, my palms became sweaty. After just a few more people, I would be in the faction that abandoned me again. The faction that assassinated my parents. The faction that took the boy who was like a brother away from me.

  Dauntless. The brave.

More like weak cowards, if you ask me. But still. My aptitude test made me a dauntless because of how I fought. That makes me a dauntless. That, and the fact that I was born into their god forsaken faction. So now you're probably thinking: if you don't want to be dauntless, then why are you choosing them? My answer: cold blooded revenge. Revenge for everything they've done to me.The ruined my life.

    So in turn I'm going to ruin their faction.

But I'm getting beside the point. I have plenty of time to think about my plan. Heck, I've been thinking about it for the past eleven years. But anyways........

Caleb is up next, and he's taking his sweet time. Just like his sister. Trying to decide on which one like she did. She had her palm between Abnegation and Dauntless. But her brother...

His is much, much worse. His palm is above Abnegation and Erudite. Oh, Erudite. The intelligent. Our enemies. But everyone is intent on seeing where his blood drops. The red drop sides of his wrist, bounding through the air.....

And landing in the Erudite bowl.

If you thought his father was mad before, now he looks pissed to the ultimate level. I would laugh if he couldn't have me thrown in prison for it. But after Caleb goes, all of the excitement and drama washes away, and the next two people take their turns. One decides to go to Amity, the other Candor. Both good choices. Now it's my turn.

This is the day I've been waiting for my whole life. The day I join my faction. The day I let a single drop of blood fall into the orange flames of the Dauntless fire. I realize that everyone's heated stare is on me. I can practically here their thoughts.

What will she pick?

Will we finally get another Abnegation?

I doubt she'll choose Candor.

I think she'd be a good Dauntless.

Definitely not Amity. That child does not look peaceful.

Taking a deep breath, I raise the blade, and make a slit in my wrist and letting a few blood droplets into the fire. I watch as the flames engulf them, then set the knife down and calmly walk to the dauntless.

"Yay!" Beatrice squeals, embracing me. I give her a tight smile, and look at every one of the brave that is here. I hide my growing evil smile.

Oh Dauntless. You never should have let me join you. 

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