Sydney, Australia

Written originally for a class, this essay about Sydney, Australia is the best essay I've written so far.


1. Sydney, Australia Essay


    If you’re looking for somewhere interesting to go, you should most definitely consider Sydney, Australia. Sydney is in the country Australia. (Australia is located near the South pole,  just below the equator. Australia is actually the only country that is also a continent. It became a country in January of 1778.) Not only does Sydney have the Sydney Harbour and the great Sydney Opera House, but it also has other things, such as the Taronga Zoo and the Museum of Contemporary Art. There  are so many different types of attractions, customs and behavior, famous people, history, current issues, and current events. In addition to these, the way that the climate of Sydney  affects its people and the demographics are also significant. Get ready to take a quick and exciting tour of Sydney, Australia:

    Sydney has hundreds  of attractions-something for everybody. Do you like art? Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA). It is located at the edge of Sydney Harbour, and has free entry. The MCA is only ever closed on Christmas. It was established in 1991 to educate   everybody about the beautiful art and wonderful artists of Australia. Do you like animals? Sydney has five zoos, two of which are aquariums. One of the land animal zoos is the Taronga Zoo. It is open every single day of the year. The Taronga Zoo has many exhibits, including gorillas, lemurs, and giraffes, as well as a  zip-line. Do you like amusement parks? Well, the Luna Parks have got you covered. It has haunted houses, a circus, roller coasters-the whole nine yards. In addition to these, they also have a hotel and a café. These are just a few of the attractions in Sydney. Yes, there truly are attractions for everyone in Sydney.

    There are a few customs unique to Sydney. For example, it is not obligatory that you tip.  You only tip if you want to, while in the United States, we’re considered rude if we don’t tip. Another unique custom of Sydney  is their slang. For example, they say, “G’day mate,” to say nice to meet you. In the United States, we simply say, “Hey,” or , “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” They also say ,“arvo,” which means, “afternoon,” to us Americans. Another example is that almost all men wear the same charcoal-gray colored suits for any type of formal business, but in America, we wear almost everything imaginable of every color. Sydney sure does have some unique customs.

    Sydney fans seem to prefer actors and singers from Sydney to become famous there.  Rebel Wilson (a.k.a. Fat Amy) was an actress that was Sydney-born. She stared in the movies Pitch Perfect 1 and 2. Hugh Jackman has been famous for years (and continues to be famous) for being an actor and producer and was also Sydney-born. Iggy Azalea is yet  another Sydney-born star, although her fame comes from her songs. What is surprising that most of the famous people of Sydney gained their stardom with the help of people from America; I guess that Sydney and America kind of have a link in that way…

    Sydney has rich history. In 1778, it was officially a place, although it was a British settlement. In 1796, its population reached 2,953. In 1803, the Sydney Gazette was first published, and continues to be published today. From 1808-1820, 7 major buildings were built. Then, in 1823, the Sydney Royal Easter Show was started. In 1825, the New South Wales Legislative Council was established in Sydney. In 1833, Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts was established. From 1836-1935, about seventy major buildings were built. In 1938, Sydney hosted the British Empire Games. In 1942, May through June, there was Attack on Sydney Harbour by the Japanese, but Sydney recovered eventually, and was stronger than ever. In 1973, the Sydney Opera House opened. In 2000, Sydney hosted the Summer Olympics. That was how Sydney became the great city that it is today.

    Not all of Sydney is happy though. There are plenty of conspiracies and issues in Sydney. One issue is the issue of drugs. Just a few weeks ago, cannabis, a type of drug, was discovered being farmed inside somebody’s house. Another issue is internet hacking. For example, not very long ago, a girl won €384 ($412.09) from the lottery and posted a picture of her winning ticket  on Facebook, and one of her close friends hacked into her Facebook, said that that was her ticket, and stole the money. Yet another issue is that investigators just aren’t that well informed-a gang killed a woman and her children and were  impersonating them for eight years before they were caught having the dead bodies in their suitcases. There are plenty more serious issues in Sydney these days, though.

    On a higher note, the current Sydney events are plentiful and pretty interesting. They have swings that convert your energy into electricity open to the public. They are have an Urban Latin Folk Festival. They have Sydney Harbour icons built out of Legos on exhibit, with structures made such as the bridge and the Sydney Opera House. Cats the Musical is premiering live in the Sydney Theatre House. They are also having free surf lessons. Whenever it comes to current events, Sydney has a mixed-bag of them.

    The geography of Australia mostly affects the way that the people dress. Since Australia is located near to the equator (that line on a globe which is actually the warmest place on Earth’s surface), people there usually wear short sleeves or sleeveless and shorts during spring, summer, and fall. Of course, they wear long or short sleeves and long pants turning the winter. The reason  why they do so is because it is usually scorching hot in summertime, and it is just rainy and medium in winter. People say that they wear velcro on the bottom of their shoes. This is not true. Even though they are sitting crooked on near the bottom of Earth (Australia is big enough that it  is near the bottom of Earth, yet near the bottom), that doesn’t mean that you have to wear velcro in order to stick to the Earth. Velcro won’t stick to dirt or grass anyway!

    Th demographics of Sydney are odd. Why are they odd, you ask? The reason why is that the average age of the citizens is 35 years! You know, for every other place, the average age is almost always very young, or very old, not in the middle!  Another one of the demographics is the percentage of ethnic groups, which is very surprising. You’d expect most of the population to be Australian (because, after all, you ARE in  Australia). The population is actually 20.3% Australian, 20.4% English, 6.6% Irish, 6.5% Chinese, and 5.0% Scottish. A consensus reveled the populations’ religions were 29.2% Catholic, 16.5% Anglican, 4.8% East Orthodox, 4.4% Islam, 3.7% Buddhists, 1.7% Hindu, 0.9% Jewish, 14.1% said that they had no religion, and 10.4% left the question blank. I think that Sydney has some very interesting statistic.

    In conclusion, Sydney is arguably one of the most interesting places in Australia. Its  different types of attractions, customs and behavior, famous people, history, current issues, current events, and its climate are intriguing.  Not only has Sydney got something for everybody, but it is also fun for everybody, which is, from experience, very important  whenever it comes to family vacations. So why not head on down to Sydney when you get the chance? There’s always something to do!










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