My Hogwarts Story

This is my adventure through Hogwarts. What will happen through my seven year journey? read to find out!


2. The Boy

We gathered up my mess and proceeded into the compartment. As I sat down, I noticed one other person in the compartment. She had flaming red hair, brown eyes, and had her nose in a newspaper called the Daily Prophet. The stranger sat down next to me. He had messy black hair and bright green eyes. “Who are you?” he queried.

“I’m Rebecca. And who are you?” I asked. At that the girl reading the paper looked up, shocked. She looked over to the boy, wild with confusion. He shrugged in reply. “What?” I questioned her.

“Oh, nothing,” the girl replied, composed again, going back to her newspaper.

“Oh don’t mind her. I’m Albus. And she’s my cousin, Rose,” Albus clarified.

“What were the crazy looks for?” I asked.

“Oh, uh…” Albus said, scratching his neck, “Well…Rose and I were surprised that you didn’t know who I was. That’s all.”

"Why would I know you? This is the first time we've met," I said, confused.


"Are you a Muggle born?" Rose interrupted, putting down her paper. She sighed as the look on my face was clear confusion. "Non-magic parents," she explained.

"Oh! Yes," I answer.
"Well, in the wizarding world, my parents are famous. So that makes me and my siblings famous by default," Albus clarified. "which makes me Albus Potter: second son of the amazing Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley."
"...Oh..." I said, dumbly.

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