My Hogwarts Story

This is my adventure through Hogwarts. What will happen through my seven year journey? read to find out!


1. The Magic Train

     We were running extremely late that day. So late, I feared that I might miss the train. As I said a rushed good-bye to my muggle family, I glanced up at the clock. Two minutes to 11:00. I still had time. I ran through the barrier that separated the magic world from the muggle one. When I made it through, I had no time to marvel at the train in front of me. When I heard it's whistle blow, I dashed onto the train with the door swinging behind me. With a sigh of relief, I started walking down the hall, looking for a compartment with enough room for me. 

     After lugging my trunk for what seemed like eternity, I finally found a compartment near the end of the train with room. Just as I had started to slide open the door, the train lurched. And I fell. The door was sliding closed, when a hand reached out to open it again.

     I looked up to see a face smiling down at me. "Do you need some help?" the stranger asked. I could only nod.


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