Welcome to Hogwarts

A new witch, Queenie Windsor, attend the wizard and witch school. It called Hogwarts. Is she in the house which is Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin? (Let find out!)


1. Prologue



"I'm not a witch, Magen!" I shout to my foster mother.

Because my real mother died after my birth, my dad raises me up to two years old and he put me in the orphanage as he left me.


Because he's a wizard and my mom's a human.

I guess I was passed on from my dad.

My name is Queenie Windsor.

My Dad is Neville Longbottom.

The reason why I change my last name is my foster mother's name, she's a good mother and full looking after me!

Her name is Magen.

What's happening is I open my letter as I thought it was a normal letter but it wasn't and this is like I fully accepting into Witchcraft Wizardry school called Hogwarts.

"I'm not a witch..." I repeat as I cried but this time, softly.

I look down on the letter and it says my name on it. 

Queenie Longbottom.

I sigh sadly.

Of course not...

I wish I want to change it.

"Listen, I know I'm not a witch either but I want you to go in there... Professor McGonagall and I have been talked before. So..." I cut her out.

"Whoa! Wait! Professor McGonagall? She's a headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, isn't she?" I ask confusedly.

She nods with her nervous face.

What's with that face?

Why did she making this face?

I sigh sadly.

"Yeah... Tomorrow you need to go there and have fun! And a man will come to pick you up..." Magen explains.

I wonder who's this man?

I was about to ask her as I was startled because someone knocks the door and we were standing in front of the door.

I sigh sadly.

Don't tell me that Magen told my real father about that.

"He's here..." She pauses.

I turn around with my sad face and I turn back to look at Magen with my angry face.

I knew it was him!

Wasn't that?

"I'm so sorry, my dear!" Magen apologies.

I sigh sadly when I look down on the ground.

After all, I'm a Longbottom...

"Well..." I pause.

I walk toward the front door where the person who had been knocking on the door.

I wonder who is this?

I know!

I open the door and I was shocked when I see the person...

Oh, my!

It wasn't my dad!

It's The Boy Who Lived...


It's a man now!

Do you know who is this person?

He gives me a gentle and kind smile as he looks straight at me.

Oh, wow!




Wait until I update for the next chapter!

Hey, guys!

I'm so sorry about a new story to come out...

Because I had an idea!

Blame on me!

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Anyway, I hope you will enjoying this story.

Take care!

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