Welcome to Hogwarts

A new witch, Queenie Windsor, attend the wizard and witch school. It called Hogwarts. Is she in the house which is Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin? (Let find out!)


3. 2

Chapter 2


I was in London at the most famous place as it called Shard and us, which is Harry Potter and me, stand still on the Shard.

I turn around to see the evil grin on Harry's face and was shocked as he readied his wand toward me.

I saw him as he changes his long blonde/blue hairs, and he changes into the girl.

I don't want to be killed by this girl!

I can feel it, that's how!

"WHO ARE YOU?! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!" I shout to her from the strong wind.

"Oh, I think you know who am I and why I want to kill you! To threaten your father! And because since I wasn't to be your skin, so I waited until you're eleven years old! I also was the one who killed your real mother! And believe it, she's also a witch from the America!" She explains.

After she explains, she starts to laugh in delight and then I was shocked what she says.

"WHAT HAVE WE DONE WITH YOU?!" I ask as I still shout from the wind.

She stops to laugh and wand up toward me as she high her wand up in the air.

She really wants to kill me.

"My name is Delphi. Daughter of Voldemort. Say goodbye to your belove life." She warned me harshly.


Was he dead in Battle of Hogwarts, wasn't he?


That name is so familiar to me!

But was she in prison, Azkaban's prison?

How did she escape?


If that's whatever she want.

"Avada-" She pauses as I shut my eyes and then when she was about to say "Kedavra", her wand moved into toward where am I stand here.

"Expelliarmus!" Someone stands behind Delphi, grab her wand when it flew.


I can feel it either!

I wonder who is it?

I should be thanking them and also I want to thank them that they saved me...

Too late!

I used too much strength of mine to push the strong wind.

I collapsed on the floor as I almost fell backward the cliff and someone caught me as the hand wrap around on my waist.

I open my eyes weakly to see blonde hairs, handsome and teenage age of fifteen until I lost my consciousness...

"Brachiabindo!" A person that I knew this voice belong to shout to Delphi says in echo.

Harry Potter!

I also was thinking this is a dream, isn't it?

Of course, this isn't a dream as it is reality...

What if she really wants to kill me and...

My hearts was broken because of my mother's death, Delphi only fools me, didn't she?

With that, I slowly woke up with my heavy eyes and darken dim light around my room as I turn my head left to see the lamp.

I can feel my power recharge every time when I go to sleep and I can't move my leg...

I turn to see two figures stand on the outside of the room and I can hear their arguments as I sit up slowly.

"Look, she isn't ready to see you!" That was The Real Harry Potter says.


He's right!

I was confused.

Ready for what?

"I can see the light through her body and that's my Daughter who gets hurt by Delphi! And she tried to threaten me like..." That was the man who I wasn't familiar with.


He says it to Harry Potter.


"Look... I promise that I will come to see her for you every day whenever I come to see my son, Albus. I will report you..." Harry says.

I don't know that what kind of this man is...

With that, I saw the blonde hairs of the fifteen years old popped up of the blanket and he opens his eyes as I was surprised.

It was Scorpius that's who saved the wizarding world with his friend, Albus!

I don't know who or what am I?

"She's awake!" Scorpius shouts as two men run in and I was shocked to see Harry Potter.


The man stands next to Harry Potter that I don't know and he look surprised to see me.

I wonder who is it...

I either don't know his name!


Probably I don't know his name because I lost my memory of his face when I was 2 years old or maybe if he put a spell his magic on me.

Or maybe he just doesn't want me to feel his mind.

All I remember is Neville Longbottom's name...

Is it him?


It can't be him!

"Queenie... My apologies! Because I want to go to see you but I stop by an important meeting so... I'm sorry for Delphi making a trouble with you." Harry apologizes.

I don't know if that was the real Harry Potter but I take it...

And I want to trust him but I don't.

I mean what if that's Delphi inside his body again...

"And I know that you don't trust me but you don't need to..." He gives me a nice smile.

I like this real smile!

I think I trust him even more than everyone...

With that, I turn around to see a man who stands next to Harry Potter still stay there and looks surprised.

"Mr. Potter, who is this man who stand next to you?" I point toward this man.

Silence moment comes along between four of us, which is Harry Potter, Scorpius, and this man who I wasn't familiar with and me.

"Come, Scorpius. I'm sure your father might be worried whereabout are you... Thank you for being here for 3 hours. We can leave them to talk alone." Harry orders to Scorpius and have gone in Dispparate after he grabs Scorpius's arm.

And there is two of us...

Before they have gone in Dispparate spell or something, a man was about to speak to Harry but he stops himself because Harry has gone.

I think I have to break the silence moment.

Guess I have to ask him by myself...

"Okay! Then who are you?" I ask.

He then turns around to see me as he was trying to speak it out toward me.

"Queenie Longbottom!" He speaks very nervously and so shutters.

I groan.

I hate this name...

I was about to say this aloud but that man stops me.

"I'myourrealfather!" He says it too quickly and coughs at the same time.

I was confused and say:


I want him to say it again but a little slow down.

"I'm-I-I-I'm you-your real fa-fffather!" He studders so nervously.

I was shocked and a sudden single tear stream down on my cheek.

I didn't know it was him...

The man that I hate being his daughter...

Neville Longbottom.



Hey, guys!

I just want to become a good witch or wizard just like Harry Potter...


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Neville releases his secret for keeping her in safe...


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Take care...

- Meli!





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