Welcome to Hogwarts

A new witch, Queenie Windsor, attend the wizard and witch school. It called Hogwarts. Is she in the house which is Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin? (Let find out!)


2. 1

Chapter 1


It's THE Harry Potter!

How should I know that's his name?


I was reading his whereabout in the Newspaper and he's here for the biggest meeting for USA Prime Minister...

And yes, we live in America!


He's a real wizard.

I was speechless!

What is he doing here?

I mean he was supposed to be in an Important meeting!

I was about to say something but Harry Potter cut me off...

"Before you asks me..." He pauses as he comes in and closes the front door. 

"I'm here to telling you a story about your parents..." He continues.

I was confused at first after he says 'Before you asks me' and then shocked when he grab my hands after he continues his sentence as I pull it off when he was about to kiss on my hand.

Did I mention that he has a wife and three children, didn't I?


He did have them!

Before Harry did it, I don't understand what he's saying under his mutters. 

"Harry? What are you doing there?" I ask.

"If you are confused, then let me explain. I'm your parent's old friend, Queenie Windsor. Or should I say, Queenie Longbottom?" Harry calls out.

How did he know it was my name?

I was shocked when he says my real name.

"How-" He cut me out.

"I was there for your birth... You sure have your mother's eyes. But from your father, he passed his magic to you..." Harry pauses.

He comes in the living room nearby the front door and I followed him as Magen went to the kitchen.

I sigh sadly.

I really want to see my real mother. He sits on the sofa and I sit opposite of him.

"Before your birth, he and your mom met from our, Ginny's and mine, wedding day. She could be our neighbors, but she's our friend and we introduce your father to her. Then they had you as the baby and they ask me to be your godfather. Of course, I say yes." Harry explains.

At first, I was shocked that he says that I have a godfather and then...

I sigh sadly. 

"Is my mom died because bad thing happening to her?" I ask.

He sighs out.

"Yes... But now you have to go this school. This school will take you to do something magical. I was like you when I was your age." He explains.

I don't know what if I go, everything goes changed in my life.

I might be a witch, but I don't have a magic or something like this inside my body.

I just want to be a human...

I sigh sadly.

"I-I-I don't know what to say, Harry..." I shutter.

I sigh sadly.

I'm JUST eleven years old.

How should I know that how good am I at magic?

Or bad?

Or I don't know?

The problem is I'm just a human...

"We just want to tell you but you're not ready. Wait until you get off this train and then you went into the school." Harry orders.

We need to go now...

Either way...

The airport is canceled in two hours.


I used my mind to vision the future.

By using the wind, feel and touch.


I see!

A witch can do it!

I stand up to walk backward as I was saying something.

It was in London at The FAMOUS King Cross.

And it's the Platform 9...


I just feel it...

"I want to... But I think I'm going to packing..." I was about to go upstairs but Harry...

"Pack!" He chants while he readied his wand very quickly and point into wherever it's direction toward upstairs.

I heard the thud sound come from in my room and I was shocked to see him put his spell on my packing bags.

He's a real wizard after all.

I sigh sadly. 

"Come on!" He orders after he walks away and he opens the front door.

I was confused and speechless at the same time as I was saying to him that we have to get the bags of mine.

"But... My bags..." I point my finger in its direction toward upstairs.

He stops to stand by the front door and turn around to see my confused face with his nice smile.

"Don't worry about your bags!" He says.

"Wha-" I was cut out by Harry.

With that, he gives me a nice smile and he runs off after I chase him.

He stands at the gate and he looks at me as he saw something on my face.

Is it?

He runs toward where I stand here and he grabs my hand as he squeezes it hard.

I tried to pull it out but it's useless and he's strong.

"Trying to calm... You need to trust me! Force!" Harry orders. 

I stay calm and loose my body in relax...

I got a bad feeling about this!

"But where-" I was about to asks him a question but something took us to somewhere we went as everything went flash quickly.

Until we show up nowhere is it...

It is Disapparate, isn't it?

I look down at the height of the view and it's...

I know where are we...



Hey, guys!

I'm so sorry about delaying the chapter but I publish it in any the way.


What did you think so far?

What would happening if Queenie met her real father?

Find out for next chapter...

Next chapter will be long chapter but I tried to do my best!

Take care!

- Meli

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