Stealing Cake

I guess my friend Cecily and I didn't plan on kidnapping famous people from their tour, but one thing led to another and they were in our basement. Well, as long as they're there, we might as well enjoy it..


3. Surprises🎉

Makenzie's Pov:

The loud bang kept going.

"Cecily did you hear that?" I said quietly.

"Yeah. What is that?" She replied.

Another bang occurred, even louder this time.

"Open this door! Its the police!" A voice yelled from outside the door.

"Oh crap the cops!" I whisper-yelled. "Stay cool."

I walked over and opened the door.

"Hi." I said trying to stay calm.

"We wanted to let you girls know that there is a food drive next week for the homeless. Please consider donating." He said as they walked back to their car to go to the next house.

"Dude that was close." Cecily said as we both sat down on the couch.

"Too close."

"I think we should feed Cake now" Cecily suggested.

"Yeah. Probably. Maybe they'll hate us less."

"Probably not."


Cecily went upstairs while I took some of the cakes downstairs. I walked down the stairs to see Calum looking off into space and Luke was staring at Calum. I feel like that if he didn't eat soon then he might start munching on Calum. I kinda wanted my Cake in one piece.

"I brought you guys food." I said as I sat the cake on the ground for them.

"Thanks" Cal said quietly as I took some water bottles out of my bag.

i left and went upstairs and got into bed. Within minutes, I was asleep.

The next morning, I opened my eyes but was too lazy to look at the clock. I spent the next 10 minutes mindlessly scrolling through instagram and twitter. Lol I have no life. I finally looked at the clock on my side table. 2:00 pm. Wow I am not a morning person. I slowly got up as i walked down the stairs, only tripping about 30 times. No big deal. I finally got to the kitchen. I grabbed a bowl of cereal then I saw a piece of paper slid through the old mail slot in the door. It hadn't been used in years. I mean, we have a mailbox for a reason.

I picked it up and read the small letters written on the small piece of paper.

'I know what you're up to. Come to the park alone or your secret will be out.'

"What are you looking at?"

I jumped as I stuffed the note in my pocket and turned to see Cecily standing right behind me with a dumb expression on her face.

"Don't scare me like that!" I say as I try to recollect myself.

"Sorry. I was hanging out with Cake and it was so weird. All they do is sit in the corners of the room and look like they want to kill something. Or us. I'm not that sure."

"Well I cant blame them really. I would let them go but I would not to well in jail."

"Me either. They dont even have good food." She said, throwing her hands up.

"And the uniforms arent even black so they dont match my soul." I said, trying not to think about the horrifying thoughts of jail.

"True." Cecily said laughing.

We then walked towards the kitchen as Cecily grabbed a box of Chez-its as I grabbed a bowl and fill it with chips.

We went downstairs with Cake and made them watch Teen Wolf with us. It was Cecily's idea and she made me watch some of the episodes. I guess its okay. The only thing that I really liked was how dumb the main character was. Its called logic. Wow, now Im ranting. lol.

Once we finished season 1, Cecily went upstairs to go to bed. I walked over and sat next to Cal.

"Hey" I said.

"Hey." He muttered quietly. "Can I ask you something. I dont want anyone to hear. Just you and me."

I glanced over at Luke, who was fast asleep.

"Sure, Cal." I said.

"Is it bad to fall in love with your captor?"

My eyes got wide as he continued.

"I-I think I'm in love with you."

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