Stealing Cake

I guess my friend Cecily and I didn't plan on kidnapping famous people from their tour, but one thing led to another and they were in our basement. Well, as long as they're there, we might as well enjoy it..


1. Black friday steals😏

Makenzie's Pov:

I honestly dont know why we kidnapped one of the biggest people on the planet. Yeah, Donald Trump wasn't in Philly so we had to settle with Cake. I didn't do it alone. It was my best friend Cecily and I. I guess you could say we've done everything together. Before I get too off topic, let me tell you how it all started...

"Remind me why we come here on black friday every year?!" I say as Cecily and I walk through the walmart doors and into a large crowd of people fighting for deals over things that i could buy at the dollar store. We walked slowly through the store. There were tons of kids runnings around and grabbed toys off the shelves. In the middle of one of the isles, a huge pile of stuffed penguins was left in the floor. I left Cecily and started to pick one up when a hand grabbed the toy as I quickly pulled my hand back, startled.

"Touch my penguins and you die" A voice said and then I saw two blue eyes submerge from the pile of devil dolls, sorry i meant penguins.

"Um, ok?" I said, backing away. This kid must have issues.

Suddenly, two bodies flung towards me, knocking me, and the pile of stuffed demons,down.I look up to see Cecily and a dark haired boy. The kid who was buried in the animals stood up, probably mad about his hiding place being ruined.

"Calum! You killed my penguins!" He yelled at the dark haired boy.

"I'm pretty sure they died when they saw your face Luke." Calum replied as I laughed a bit. Then it hit me. It was Calum and Luke. The second biggest people in the world (again, Donald Trump was unavailable)! I whispered a plan into Cecily and she smirked.

Minutes later, we had them in the parking lot. I think Cecily said something to them about our car but I'm not sure.

"So why are you guys at Walmart?" Cecily asked.

"It was just a fun trip, well, until our car broke down in this parking lot." Calum said.

"I have some tools in the trunk of the car if you want me to help." I said with a smile.

"That'd be great thanks!" Luke replied as I led them to our car.

I opened the back of the car and looked around. There wasn't a toolbox so I grabbed a Febreeze can. If you're going to kidnap someone, at least you can make everything smell good. Cecily was distracting Cake as I came behind Calum and hit him on the head, knocking him out. Luke started screaming but nothing was coming out of his mouth.

"Let's make them wake up with amnesia." Cecily said.

With only one hit, Luke was out cold.

With the help of Cecily, we tied up the boys and put them in the back of our car and started driving to the home, where we could figure out what to do next.

Hey guys so this is my new fanfic! Its a collab with Cake_Hoodings.

Cecily's POV is on her account so check it out!

Thanks for reading!!


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