Stealing Cake

Okay, let's get this straight.
My friend, Makenzie and I didn't intend to steal two of the most famous Aussies while they where on tour in the USA, it just happened. We will keep them in our basement, with not intention of letting them go. And I'll have you know, we will take very good care of them.


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2. waking up

"Don't tell me we are actually doing this." Makenzie says, frozen at the doorway to the basement.

"Too late to go back now." I tell her, nervously twirling my hair around my finger.

I was now beginning to realize how bad of an idea this was, but it doesn't matter, because there was no way that we could just let our captors leave and forget all about the day that they were kidnapped from Walmart by two psychotic fangirls with no lives.

We'll just have to deal with it, I guess.

I leave her by the door and go into my room on the second floor.

Makenzie and I had our own house, and a pretty decent one at that. A two story house is quite impressive considering being right out of high school with a moderately crappy job at a book store. (I don't care how much I love books, the job doesn't pay well and I spend at least half my check on new releases.)

The reason Makenzie and I were able to get such a nice house was because we both saved up all the money we earned toward the house. In fact, I don't even have a car, Makenzie and I share hers.

I stroll into my room and sit on my bed.

My room is everything I imagined growing up.

The walls are painted a mint green color, and I have a couple of posters given to me as presents from my friends and family. I also have lights strung up over my black and white bedsheets, and my laptop is still out on my bed, the screen black.

In the corner, I have a desk and a huge bookshelf. As usual, books are scattered all over my desk, from when I pulled them from my bookshelf to read.

Before I know it, I'm dead asleep.


"THEY'RE AWAKE!" Makenzie yells from downstairs.

I wake up and the clock reads 7:58.

I've slept for 5 hours.


I run downstairs, half tripping over myself as I pass the kitchen and go down into the basement.

As soon as I hit the landing I see two pairs of eyes boring into my soul. Makenzie turns around and smiles.

"cake is in our basement."

I smile back and walk over to Cal and Luke, who were desperately trying to slip out of their chairs, but the rope Makenzie tied was too strong and held up even as Luke started to bite down on the rope in an effort to eat it.

"I'm pretty sure rope is not edible." I tell him, rolling my eyes as he ignores me and continues to bite the rope.

"Why would you do this?" Cal asks, his voice cracking.

"Well I mean it probably wasn't a good idea on your part to go to Walmart without supervision, and then proceed to go into a stranger's backseat." Makenzie retorts, looking proud of herself.

"We are 19, we don't need supervision." Luke snaps back.

"Says the one who jumped into a pile of penguin plushies then got kidnapped by two teenagers." I say.

"Shut up."

"Sorry, no can do." I say, nudging Makenzie back upstairs, then following her.

"Wait where are you going?" Cal asks.

"Upstairs, duh. Goodnight." With that. I turn off the lights an head upstairs.


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