Stealing Cake

Okay, let's get this straight.
My friend, Makenzie and I didn't intend to steal two of the most famous Aussies while they where on tour in the USA, it just happened. We will keep them in our basement, with not intention of letting them go. And I'll have you know, we will take very good care of them.


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5. Music

My first thought is 'what the actual crap'

But then I regain my sanity (a little) and throw my phone across the room.

"Hey, what was that?" I hear Makenzie yell from downstairs.

"My phone."


I walk back downstairs to get some water and see a sticky note on our screen door.

I peel it off and read it;

Meet me at the park, 6:00 tomorrow, and don't bring your friend.

"Creepy..." I mutter.

"What is?" I have a mini heart attack and turn around to see Makenzie standing right behind me.

"Oh, uhh..." I say, stalling. "The neighbors dog just...stole our mail."

"So shouldn't we go get it back?" Makenzie asks.

"Nah, he just...jumped into the lake."

"What lake?" Makenzie looks at me with confusion.

"You know...the....lake." I say, not knowing what to say to make it sound believable.

"Yeah..." Makezies eyes narrow. "The....lake." She nods slowly and walks away still looking extremely confused.

I don't blame her, I'm horrible at lying.

Still, I let out a sigh of relief and look back at the now crumpled piece of paper in my hand. I should probably go and see what he wants, hopefully, it's not to take my car and wallet.

The last thing I want to do is go back upstairs, but if I stay downstairs I risk Makenzie interrogating me.

So, I decide to grab my now cracked phone and earbuds and go into the basement.


Cake doesn't look very happy to see me, but then again I don't actually care.

I quietly go to the far wall and sit on the opposite side of the room from cake. I plug in my earbuds and play 'death of a bachelor'. I close my eyes and I hear Cal whisper, "what are you listening to?"

"Panic! At the disco."

"I like their music, too."

I instantly feel guilty and pull out the earbuds and play the song out loud.

"Is this the new album, I haven't heard it yet." Cal asks, and I nod.

We spend a couple hours not talking but listening to all the P!atd albums. Afterwards, i get up and go back to my room, where I go to bed.


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