Stealing Cake

Okay, let's get this straight.
My friend, Makenzie and I didn't intend to steal two of the most famous Aussies while they where on tour in the USA, it just happened. We will keep them in our basement, with not intention of letting them go. And I'll have you know, we will take very good care of them.


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7. Invisabrad

"Soooo...about cake..." I start.

"That's what you call them?"

"'s their ship name."

"They aren't gay."

"They are in my dreams." I retort.

"You need help."

"I know, I'm a little creepy sometimes-"

"Not that kind of help, I meant that you're gonna need help if you think you're gonna get away with having two captives in your basement, without alerting the police." He says, rolling his eyes.

"Yeah, but I still do need help in the brain."

"I can't disagree with that statement."


"Besides the point, the thing is, I want to help you and you're friend."

"Her name's Makenzie."


"What do you mean, you want to help us, and how do you know we have cake in our basement?"

"Again, not gay."

"Answer. The. Question."

"Ok, fine. I may or may not have seen you and Makenzie carry two body bags into your house, pretty suspicious, I might add." He says, thinking back. "So, I eavesdropped on one of your conversations when your window was open-"

"You WHAT?"

"Too far?"


"Calm down, I can help you get away from the cops" he says, pleading. But I'm already backing up.

"I thought I was really one messed up in the head...just, please, stay out of this." I say, turning around and running.

I think I've gotten away and start to slow down just as he tackles me.

I try to get up but he pins me to the ground.

"Listen." He says. "Please."

"Let me go."

"Not until you listen to what I have to say."

"Fine, let me up."

"You won't run?"


He gets up and lends me a hand as I brush the leaves out of my hair.

"My dad is sheriff at the police department, I can distract him away from your house."

I still a little doubtful but I listen anyways.

"I can help you, please, just give me a chance." He holds out his hand for me to shake, and after a moment, I take it.


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