Stealing Cake

Okay, let's get this straight.
My friend, Makenzie and I didn't intend to steal two of the most famous Aussies while they where on tour in the USA, it just happened. We will keep them in our basement, with not intention of letting them go. And I'll have you know, we will take very good care of them.


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6. Broken Phones

Sleeping is my favorite thing...ever.

But of course then you always have to wake up, which really sucks, but it sucks even more when you realize that you are meeting with a creepy weirdo who knows about the two captives in your basement that day.

That's the situation I face now.

It took me an hour before I actually decide to sit up and look at the clock.

Bad idea. The clock reads 1:30 p.m.

I quickly get dressed and run downstairs to eat. (My second favorite thing) surprisingly, Makenzie isn't downstairs, but I push aside that observation and go into the kitchen, I don't really think straight until eat.

I take an hour to decide what I want, mainly because I don't actually like most breakfast foods.

I decide to to make my favorite, breakfast pizza, which isn't really pizza, it's cheese scrambled eggs with broccoli and bacon on top of pizza dough.

Weird, but really good.

As I'm just finishing my "breakfast", Makenzie walks in.

"Where were you?" I ask, stuffing my face with the last of the food.

"Basement, cake is lonely."


" I have great news." Makenzie says.

"Oh gosh, what is it?"

"So you know my uncle, the one who's a professor at the college a few streets away?"


"So, he was able to get us both a cheaper tuition for school there, so we can afford it without so many loans."

My eyes widen. "Dude, that's great! Do they have a course in writing?"


"Awesome, what are you going to do?"

"I dunno yet, I still have time, though."

I smile. "This is awesome."

"I know," Makenzie answers. "I'm pretty amazing."

I laugh and clean up my food. Makenzie goes into the living room, probably to watch Hannah Montanna (she's really weird) and I go back upstairs.

When I walk in I look at my messed up bookshelf, and decide to put the books back to make it look kind of nice.

When I finish, I look over at my cracked phone, and try to unlock it.

Frustratingly, the screen is frozen and I see black on the screen where the cracks are.

"Fun." I mutter, tossing my phone aside and going on my laptop to look at new phones.

When I'm done, my clock reads 3:45, only 2 hours 15 minutes to go before 6:00.

With nothing else to do, I head down into the basement.

"Did you bring music?" Cal asks as soon as I drop onto the landing.

"Phone broke, sorry."

"Then why are you here?"

"Well excuse me, I thought maybe you would like to spend some quality time with your best frien-"

"I hate you."

"Feelings mutual, then." I say, and I unlock the door to closet underneath the stairs, and ask, "Cards anyone?"

"Do you have cards against humanity?" Luke asks.

"No, but we have apples to apples."


I call Makenzie downstairs and we all play Apples to Apples for a while. Which was actually not bad, if you don't count the part where I thought the card "cattle ranch" said "rattle canch", and next turn put down the same card as confusing. Or when Makenzie was laughing so hard, chocolate milk came out of her nose.

Either way, we ended at 5:50, perfect timing.

I made an excuse to Makenzie so I could borrow the car, and left.

The letter never said what park, but I have a feeling they meant the only one in the area.

I arrived at the old, run down park at 5:59.

I sat on one of the rotted wooden benches and looked around for any suspicious people that know stuff about who and what is in my basement.

It was easy, since there was only one person other than me at the park, and he was walking towards me.

"Um, hi." I say lamely when he stops in front of me.

"You're Cecily." He says, not a question.


"Hi," he says, his medium length light brown hair bright with the sunlight shining on it. "My name's Brad."


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