The Jock

Summer Morris has always been the weird shy girl rather than the pretty popular girl, but that soon all changes when she attracts the attention of school quarterback Aidan Monroe, the boy she's had a crush on since the 3rd grade. When she realizes that Aidan likes her back, Summer is ecstatic, but her life drastically changes after she becomes his girlfriend. The girl who was always invisible is now the girl that everyone wants to hang out with.


2. Chapter 1

Summer's POV

My name is Summer Morris, but you probably don't care because I'm not exactly the type that people notice.  My best friend Paige on the other hand is very noticeable.  You'd think that me being friends with a popular cheerleader would make me popular too, but that's actually not the case.  I hate having all the attention on me, so I'm happy not being noticed.  Okay, I do have more than one friend, so I guess I'm not really that big of a loser.  When Paige began dating Ryan Thomas, a popular jock, in 9th grade, him and his best friend Aidan Monroe started hanging out with us.  Aidan had been my crush since 3rd grade and at first I got really tongue tied in front of him, but after awhile I got more comfortable around him.  I remember when he began dating Ally Daniels in 9th grade and how heartbroken I had been.  

Ally Daniels has been my worst enemy since 7th grade, she's older, prettier, and more popular than I am, and she had made it her mission to make my life hell.  She even went has far as to tell Aidan to stop hanging out with me, which led to their break up.  I was really happy that they had broken up but things with Ally had gotten worse and worse after that.  I just remembered to just keep smiling and not let her know that she was getting to me, and if I couldn't do that than hopefully I wouldn't start crying in public.

Like I said before, my high school life isn't all bad, I have amazing friends that I can count on no matter what.  At least that's what I thought until this year when my high school life completely changed.

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