Unkown love

Alex loves Chloe. Chloe loves Alex. What will happen when their friends try to get involved.


2. Chapter Two

The first lesson that Chloe had was double Art, whilst Alex had double History. Finn had Art which was useful since he needed to tell Chloe about Alex's plan. "Chloe could you do me a favour at break please?" Finn asked. "Depends, what do you need?" Chloe replied. "I need you to wait outside of the sports hall, for a special surprise from someone who you will be surprised from." Finn said. "Okay, but I will only be there for ten minutes, otherwise my friends will get suspicious and they will come and find me." Chloe replied and then they started on their drawings.

Meanwhile, in the history class, Alex was talking to Curtis. "I hope Finn does do what we discussed and he gets Chloe on the bridge of the sports hall." Alex said. "I'm sure he will, so don't worry." Curtis said. They started on the work that had just been set to do.

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