Unkown love

Alex loves Chloe. Chloe loves Alex. What will happen when their friends try to get involved.


3. Chapter Three

At 11:03 Chloe was waiting at the bridge. Alex was just about to go up and speak to her. Chloe noticed someone coming on the bridge but she didn't know who it was. "Hello. Who are you?" Chloe asked. "It's me Alex. I wondered if I could ask you something?" Alex replied reaching into his bag for the gift. "Ok sure." Chloe replied. "I was wondering if you would like to go out with me sometime?" Alex asked. Chloe thought for a minute before replying. "Sure. I hoped that you would ask me anyway since I have liked you for a while now." She said. "I also got you a gift as well." Alex said handing the gift that he got Chloe to her. Chloe opened the gift. "Thank you for the bracelet but I wasn't expecting you to give me a gift though because I wasn't sure that you even liked me." Chloe said. "Of course I like you but I wasn't sure that you liked me back." Alex said putting the bracelet on Chloe's wrist. "I best go and see my friends before they send a search party looking for me. See you later." Chloe said hugging Alex. "See you later." Alex said before leaving to find his friends. They both went to find their friends and they wouldn't see each other until fourth lesson.

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