Unkown love

Alex loves Chloe. Chloe loves Alex. What will happen when their friends try to get involved.


1. Chapter One

Chloe walked into the school building, her golden brown hair fluttering like the night sky. All she wanted was for her crush to ask her out. She saw her best friend Talulah and she went up to her. "Hello, how are you?" Chloe asked. "I'm fine Chloe and how are you?" Talulah replied. "I fine but I still want to go straight up to Alex and ask him out. But I am still afraid that he will reject me." Said Chloe. "If he dares to reject you then he will have me to answer with." Talulah said with slight anger. The bell then rang. "I guess that we should get to form and continue the day and hope for the best." Talulah said. With that they then walked off to form.

Meanwhile, Alex had just got off of his bus and he was talking to his best friends Curtis and Finn. His short hair flat as usual. "I don't know what to do, I want to ask Chloe out but I have a doubt that she will reject me." Said Alex. "Well you should just do it and hope for the best." Curtis said. "Yeah, then you can at least say that you have tried then can't you." Finn said. "Yeah, I'll try at break time. But, I will need your help." Alex said. "Ok, what do you want us to do?" Finn asked. "I need you to make sure that Chloe is outside the bridge to the sports hall at break so that I can ask her then. Also I would like to give her some flowers or a gift that came from my heart." Alex said. "Okay I have just the perfect gift for her." Curtis said as he pulled a bracelet with letters which said Chloe on it. Alex was astounded by the fact that his best friend had given him such a special gift for him to give it to Chloe. "Cheers Curtis and don't forget to pass the message to Chloe or one of her friends to make sure she is outside the bridge to the sports hall at break time. See you at break." Said Alex. "We will and see you at break." Finn said. And they then went to lesson one.

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