Unkown love

Alex loves Chloe. Chloe loves Alex. What will happen when their friends try to get involved.


4. Chapter Four

Chloe found her friends at their usual place outside the art block. "Chloe where have you been?" asked Talulah. "I was at the bridge leading to the sports hall, meeting someone. I got told to go there at the start of break." Chloe replied. "Who were you meeting their and why did they want to meet you?" Asked Lily another one of Chloe's friends. "It was Alex and he asked me out." Chloe said. "What did you say?" Talulah asked. "Yes and he also got me this bracelet with my name on." Said a happy Chloe.

Meanwhile, Alex went to his friends at the tennis courts. "How'd it go then?" Asked Finn. "She said yes and I gave her the gift that you gave me to give to her." Alex replied. "Congrats mate and you should be proud of yourself for plucking up the courage to ask her." Said Curtis patting Alex's back. "Well at least I can say that I am currently dating someone now." Said Alex. The bell rang and they went off to their third lesson of the day.

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