One less day to suffer| Dan Howell

Marble has a horrible life, she gets bullied, her parents hate her, the list goes on and on. But one day she meets someone called Phil Lester who introduces her to his flat mate Dan Howell and from that moment on everything starts to change


1. #1

My cold bare feet struggle to keep me standing upright. Today has been the worst, I tried to ovoid Bryana Hincleman (The bully) but as always she assaults me, today her and her minions grabbed me by the legs and ripped my shoes off my feet leaving me to spend the rest of the day walking round bare foot. Plus this has happened numerous times before and Everytime I have too buy a new pair, I reckon I have spent over £100 already and I only get under £10 a week, so it's a big deal for me. Then my feet decide to give up on me, I fall face first into a puddle. Just as if the day couldn't get any worse, someone walks behind me. They don't more or to my surprise, they don't laugh either. After five long minutes they manage to say,

"Are you okay?" I lift my head and stare at them.

"No I just wanted to give the floor a hug!" I say back hoping they get the message. Thankfully they do, they grab my hand and pull me up. I try to smile but it's too much and my face stays a frown.

"Thanks. By the way I'm Marble!"

"Wow! Cute name. I'm phil!" He says smiling more after each word.

"Well I better get going my parents will be wondering where I am!" I say lying. They won't wonder I am at all. Phil nods and waves goodbye before leaving me. I begin to walk home.


HEYYYYYY!!!! This chapter took me at least 3 hours to write and publish! I really really do hope you like this book as much as I enjoy writing it!! If you have any suggestions on fan fictions for me to read then feel free to comment the name off it and I will try to read them and give you feedback and what I thought on them!

I will also put some suggestions if I have any!!

My suggestion this week is (If you like DanIsNotOnFire you might like this book!) it is called Dan- the guy next door.

I read this book well over 3 times and it never gets old!!!!

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