Who was he?

What if you saw an alien on earth?
What if he wasn't an alien at all?


1. When I saw him?



Who was he?


Those 3 words stuck on repeat in my mind, but I knew in my heart I didn’t care. The tantalising anguish of the scene lay heavy on me with a distinct lightness, like a million feathers had been compressed onto my chest.

There he stood, in a rush of motionlessness, looking upon me. His vacant eyes captured my now terrified orbs as I wracked every inch of his appearance for a connecting factor to draw our two characters together. From the outside we must look almost alien, the connection radiating from our chests as we stood frozen as fate drew up between us. My crisp suit had barely a crease in contrast to his sweatpants which had large indents all over the legs, as if he’d slept rough for days. The deadly sweet aroma of my expensive cologne challenged his stale scent and in this moment, to any bystanders, I was far superior due to social standings and dress code- oh how wrong they were. Don’t judge a book by its cover. He was far superior to me as he possessed a knowledge that was almost unearthly and certainly far beyond his time. Though behind the knowledge, was deep compassion and empathy and as he filtered through the branches of my past within mere minutes of starting. His stare grew intense, but not uncomfortable, as he searched through my port hole eyes to observe the pools of my past in a far better light than anybody had ever before. I stood, vulnerable, as he attempted to decipher my actions from my point of view- past and future. This man knew me in a way that would have sounded impossible a few hours prior.

He didn’t scare me, not at all, I was quite intrigued. Sure his demeanour intimidated me, but there was something about the way his mind looked at me while his eyes spoke everlasting monologues that calmed me, like a lullaby to a child. The way his white breath danced gracefully in the cool air before surrendering to my polluted breath. The way he was beautifully charmless yet distastefully pure in the corrupt ridden surroundings. He made me want to explore this new depth of intellect he held out for me, untouched amongst us for centuries prior. In that moment I knew, I had been wrong. 

A/N- this was meant to be a thought provoking one shot but I don't know if I should carry it on, make more similar or just crawl back to the corner I came from? What would you guys want?


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