World War 3

The apocalypse has come! The government has put a price on the head of anyone who is a part of a fandom. Now it is time for the fandoms to join together as one to take down the government. Many challenges face the fandoms the biggest is being able to cooperate with one another.

Also we need some names for the different fandom members, so if anyone wants to submit a name we will make it a character in the story for that fandom. Thanks!


1. Prolouge

      On June 2, 2023 a notice was released to the public:


     It will be known that any person who is found supporting a fandom will be sentenced to immediate death. Any person who revels that they are a part of a fandom will be as equally treated. Any information on any fandom is rewarded by extra rations. The world needs to end the destruction of the fandoms. Too many houses have fallen at the feet of fandoms. Our strike force will stand up against any action made by fandoms until the world is free of them once and for all. 


The world is in chaos and the fandoms know that they are in trouble. 

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