World War 3

The apocalypse has come! The government has put a price on the head of anyone who is a part of a fandom. Now it is time for the fandoms to join together as one to take down the government. Many challenges face the fandoms the biggest is being able to cooperate with one another.

Also we need some names for the different fandom members, so if anyone wants to submit a name we will make it a character in the story for that fandom. Thanks!


15. Chapter 14

     Abby and I crouched behind a bush looking out at a huge barbed wire fence that we had to cross. I sighed, frustrated with myself. The man Maddie had taken us to see had told us of a government base that he wanted us to infiltrate and gain information about. It was a new base judging from the lack of rust on the fence and grass standing tall and not crushed beneath many army boots. What information the Sherlock fandom needed from us, I had no idea. I signaled to Abby and together we sprinted towards the fence. We hauled ourselves up carefully climbed over the barbed wire. We jumped, unscratched, to the ground on the other side. There was a shout and two men in camo came running towards us. I heard Abby mutter "now what?" As the men came closer I threw my hands in the air signaling defeat. Abby gave me a strange look but followed my example.

     "On your knees!" one of the men barked. We followed his orders. When he was close enough I saw that he was a young man. No older than 25. I had an idea.

    "Please," I whispered tears forming in my eyes. "Please don't hurt us." The man didn't seem to be buying it, he glanced at his friend. "What are you two doing here?" His companion asked. I couldn't see his face but he had a high voice. Not much younger than his friend. This was too easy. "We...we're being chased, please. We don't have anywhere to go." I whispered. I risked a glance at Abby. I could tell she had caught onto my plan. "Yes," Abby said, "please help us!" Dang she sounded scared. I was impressed. The guards seemed to have bought our story.

     "What do you think, Blake?" The first guard said to the other. "Should we help out these two pretty ladies."

     Abby and I both gave our best smiles and the younger guard named Blake gave in. They lowed their guns and held out a hand to help us up. I took the older guards hand got to my feet flashing him a smile. He smiled back and signaled Blake to start walking. I fell in step beside Abby, "what now?" she whispered. "See that building up ahead?" I asked her. "Yeah" she said looking ahead. "Its the outhouse, when we get close enough we take them out." I said nodding at the guards. Abby smiled, "Cool." As the outhouse drew nearer I started to fake a limp. After a minute or so the guard noticed and he slipped his hand around my waste to help me walk. "Do you need a rest?" He asked. I nodded. He steered us towards the outhouse. I leaded against the outhouse wall Abby came over and I whispered, "now." Together we both pretended to lean over and catch our breath. The guards leaded forwards too. Abby brought her fist up so fast that the guard Blake didn't even see it coming. He was out cold in seconds. I swung my foot around hitting my guard hard in the chest leaving him winded. Taking my purse I smacked him upside the head. Soon he was unconscious like his friend. I patted the brick in my purse. Together Abby and I dragged the guards into the outhouse and put on their uniforms. Carefully we tucked our hair into camouflage hats.

     "Nice job taking that guard out." I told her. She straightened her hat. "Thanks, you weren't too bad either." We high-fived and left the outhouse. Now all we had to do was hope no one noticed we didn't belong.

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