World War 3

The apocalypse has come! The government has put a price on the head of anyone who is a part of a fandom. Now it is time for the fandoms to join together as one to take down the government. Many challenges face the fandoms the biggest is being able to cooperate with one another.

Also we need some names for the different fandom members, so if anyone wants to submit a name we will make it a character in the story for that fandom. Thanks!


12. Chapter 11.

"The Sherlock fandom! Are you crazy!" I yelled. "Shh! Don't yell, someone might be around." She said as she cupped my mouth." Then we both turned our heads to the sound of foot steps that was coming toward us. Ashley slowly pulled out her knife then whispered to me, "get behind me." I nodded and moved out of her way. I could hear the footsteps getting closer, and faster, as Ashley readied her knife. "Abigail?" said the voice, "yeah?" I replied. Ashley put down her knife and turned to me, "Really? Really? You answered? Did you learn nothing when you were training!" She was shaking her head as she turned around. "Well, its only Josh!" I replied. "Abigail, I could hear you yelling, is everything ok? And who is this?" He seemed a little shocked at the sight of Ashley. "This is Ashley my best friend, Ashley, this is Josh, the guy you saw me walking with." Josh looked shocked, "She watched us walking!" He yelled. "She was looking for me and waited for the perfect time to tell me her impossible plan, so its no big deal." everyone stood there staring at me, while I was smiling and nodding. 

"An impossible plan?" Josh raised one eyebrow, I nodded. "Abigail, are we really going to tell him my plan?" Ashley asked, I turned around to face her, "He could help us along the way." I started to plead. She rolled her eyes, "We can tell him my plan, but he can't go with us Abigail." I nodded and dropped my head, and Ashley started to explain. Once she was done talking, I asked him if he could get us any supplies.

"I'll see what I can find, but I will need both of you to come with me, ok?"

"Ok" We said in sync, and started waking to the base.


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