World War 3

The apocalypse has come! The government has put a price on the head of anyone who is a part of a fandom. Now it is time for the fandoms to join together as one to take down the government. Many challenges face the fandoms the biggest is being able to cooperate with one another.

Also we need some names for the different fandom members, so if anyone wants to submit a name we will make it a character in the story for that fandom. Thanks!


11. Chapter 10

      It had been three days since I left the Warriors fandom and finally I arrived in Abby's cul-de-sac. The only problem was her house was completely destroyed. All that was left was rubble. I approached the remains of the house with caution not knowing if it was 100% safe. I picked around in the rubble for a while. I found the remains of her Phan shrine, some pieces of a Sherlock mug, and her camp half blood sweatshirt that was covered in ash. I swung the sweatshirt over my shoulder and picked my way out of the ruins. There were no signs that Abby had been in her house when the bomb hit. So she must still be around. I figured I'd best look for her in the Phandom base as they were most likely to take her in. So I headed in that direction.

     After walking past a ton of abandoned buildings I finally stumbled across the Phandom base. I thought about going inside and asking around for Abigail because Phandomers tend to stay awake until 3:00 in the morning. It just so happened that I didn't need to. The doors opened and a couple walked outside talking. I crouched in the bushes waiting for them to pass. I heard their voices before their footsteps and I could tell that one of them was Abigail. They headed off into the distance and I decided to follow. Staying far enough back so that I could still hear their voices I waited for them to turnaround. After a long while the guy said goodbye and headed back towards the base. Abby was alone. There were a few ways that I could play this out. I could jump scare her, I could scare her, or I could head back to the base and wait for her there. I laughed to myself like I would miss out on the perfect opportunity to scare a friend. I moved to the right a bit and rustled the branches. Abby froze. I saw her reach for a weapon but she didn't have any. So instead she picked up a rock and called out "Who's there?" I smiled to myself and rustled the bush some more. She took a step forward and threw the rock. I realized that this was maybe not my best idea as the rock hit my arm. "Ow!" I whispered.

      "Ashley?" Abby said shocked. She ran over and pulled me out of the bush. "Hi," I said through gritted teeth. "Ashley, you scared the crap out of me!" Abby said pulling me to my feet. "When did you learn to throw?" I asked her. She shrugged. I pulled her sweatshirt out of my bag and gave it to her. "Thanks," She said dusting it off. "I suppose you have something to tell me. Since you almost gave me a heart attack." I smiled. She knew me so well.

      We started walking and I told Abby everything that Starclan had said to me about the fandoms meeting place. Then I told her my plan. "You want to unite all of the fandoms? Are you crazy! That's impossible there are fandoms everywhere, Ashley." "I know it sounds impossible but I have an idea of how we could do it." Abby looked at me like I had gone mad. But she didn't say anything. "But my idea does involve us going someplace that is chaotic and crazy."

      "Where?" I took a deep breath. "The Sherlock fandom."

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