She, the evil queen lives in the darkest shadows where she don't belong and there coming for her. But her story has only just started and what she desires the most. This thing she won't stop fighting for the most. Is her own... Happily ever after. Will she finally succeed


2. risks have to be made


We finally reach to the castle and as soon as we arrived I'm put on trail.

They get me out of the cage and almost drag me to my post roughly.

I'm tied on a post and if found guilty, the guards will load their bows and fire.

Next to me is the blue fairy as she is the judge of this trail. Who actually thought of putting a fairy as the judge.

She begins to talk about everything I've done wrong and everything I've done good: nothing.

“All say ‘aye’ for guilty”

The whole crowd says aye and I'm struck as most of these people are my guards. Cowards.

I then see snow and charming come in and sit down.

Jiminy cricket flies in my face.

“This is the time when u clear your mind. Do u have any last word?”

He says hearing the flicker of his wings touch together rapidly.

“Yes.Yes I do.” I say aloud to get everyone's attention.

I look around the crowd of once my residents and guards and then I see him. He wears a hooded robe and I see his emerald green crocodile skin.


The dark one has come to see my death, we'll be prepared.

I turn to see snow staring into my eyes and I see her bump on her belly.

“I know I'm being judged by my past,a past where I've caused pain,past where I've inflicted misery,past where I've even brought…death; when I…..look back at everything I've done, I want you all to know what I feel…. And that is …. Regret- I watch the crowd look dazzled at what I'm saying only to be changed in a matter of seconds “-Regret that I was not able to cause MORE PAIN,


AND ABOVE ALL ELSE WITH EVERY OUNCE of my being I REGRET THAT I WAS NOT ABLE TO KILL….SNOW WHITE.!” I sound more evil than the evil queen and charming begins.

“Arrows!” Charming shouts.

I stare at him and watch it all be washed away with a blind fold covering my eyes. At least I put on a show for Rumpelstiltskin.

I hear as the guards place their arrows.

“Take your aim!”

I hear the arrow being flown back into aim.

This is it the end of me.

I take a deep breath in and await for my death.


I hear the arrows being released and I begin to flinch even though I promised not to and before anything happens.

“Stop!” Snow shouts.

It all happens so quick and I think I'm actually dead but I'm not because no arrows hit.

I hear them fall. Use of magic.

“Snow?” Charming says to her I hear.

“This is not the way” she says

That is when I hear her walk right past me, away.

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