She, the evil queen lives in the darkest shadows where she don't belong and there coming for her. But her story has only just started and what she desires the most. This thing she won't stop fighting for the most. Is her own... Happily ever after. Will she finally succeed


3. green crocodile


15 years ago.

My mother has me an arranged marriage with a person I don't love. A King. My mother is a wicked mother and every time I try to escape, she uses magic to get me back. I'm a Slave to my future kingdom.

The only freedom I have is going to the magical apple tree in the far off Forrest near the kingdom, where I write in my journal and doodle.

I get off my horse in front of the tree.

I watch as the Orange and red tinted leaves fall to the ground.

I'm surrounded with nothing much but trees.

I head over to the trees stem, sit and lean across it.

I wish I was free. I wish I found love, true love. I wish.


A stick has been crushed and all of a sudden my horse gets to frightens,lifts itself into the air and starts to ride away.

There goes my ride back to the castle.

I look around to find out what caused the stick to snap but only to find another stick to snap again in the far off corner near a tree.


“I know you’re there. Show yourself.”

I watch as the strange figures hand comes around the tree.

Then revealing his whole body.

A green looking man appears in a leather brown suit. He has short, long hair up to his shoulders.

"I can help you Deere, i can make your dreams true"

The man appears to have something wrong with his..green crocodile looking skin.

"who are you?" i say crunching my eyes

"well deere, I'm rumpelstiltskin the most powerful dark one of this land" he says with a cheerful giggle after

"what do u want? why are you here?"

i say in fear

"question,questions. what if i can teach you .. magic"

he then raises his green, black nail hands to form a blast of purple looking dust.

i look amaze in what he has created.

"This is only the one of many spells deere, but i can make you powerful, unstoppable and you using magic could help you escape your home, isn't that what u want regina , freedom"

he says with his creepy voice.

i stand up off the ground and rub the leaves and mud that followed me.

"how do u know a lot about me?" i say lifting my head

"lets just say deere, i no a lot about people and lots about you"

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