She, the evil queen lives in the darkest shadows where she don't belong and there coming for her. But her story has only just started and what she desires the most. This thing she won't stop fighting for the most. Is her own... Happily ever after. Will she finally succeed


1. I want to change



If it's a fairy tale you're hoping for. Prepare yourself. For so much more.

Once upon a time, there lived an evil queen.

Or at least that is what everyone called her.

One day she finally got everything she wanted. She was finally happy.

Or at least she thought she was.

This is how it happened…..

I'm staring in the dreamy mirror, sharing my regrets and my anger.

You will get revenge! You will WIN!

But I'm not satisfied with the voices in my head because I know inside, where my heart would lie,that I will never win.

I feel the urge to see my victims “happily ever after” and see what it actually looks like.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall what dose happiness look like at all?” I say with such sassiness in my tone of voice.

“Well are you done with all your complaining now?”

A dark purple smoke appears in the mirror revealing a face of a bearded, dark skinned man:Ronny.

“Are you done moaning, it's not like you have had a broken heart or darkness take your soul and happy ending. Now show me Snow White!”

He nods then washes away with swirls and washes back with only Snow White and the council Which includes, the seven dwarfs, red , granny and finally jiminy cricket.

I watch as they discuss about how they will take my life away because of my mistakes. She has finally won and I have given up. Surrendering. Tomorrow, they will march up to my castle with an army to take me to my death and I will not flicker or stutter. I will show bravery.

When night falls and day slowly rises, I'm waiting stupidly for my arrest. It feels like hours and I'm waiting in a deserted castle with no guards because they flee when I was defeated. Only my dad stays with me.

“Are you sure you don't want food?” He asks

I look up at him and see his wrinkles and grey hair. He wears full black leather clothing in honour of me ‘The evil queen’

“My queen?” He says after I never answered his question only stared at him

“No. I'm alright at the moment.” I reply but he only watches me and then walks off

I stare ahead out where the gates are to my castle and then I see it. A flash of light hits me in the eye. It lies to an armoured guard.

Prince Charming.

I watch as he hikes up the hill to my castle.

Another figure follows, snow , who is walking quite slow and weird than normal.

I stand up to see the army she has brought with, witch are not useful as I'm surrendering.

When they finally reach, they look at me with defence like I'm about to strike at them with a flaming ball of fire.

“Regina, you have been defeated, give up now!” Snow shouts at me still acting a bit odd and to protective.

“Well sister, dose it look like I'm ready to attack?” I replied.

“Your surrendering?” Charming speaks out.

“There nothing worth living no more” I say.

Snow and charming don't answer only charming turn to the guards and they walk over to grab me and put me into a black pattern cage witch is magic proof.

I sit on the ground in the cage and is then lifted up onto a horse and carried.

In the enchanted forest, halfway to snows castle, snow gets off her horse grabs it's leech and walks along side of my cage.

Im only counting how many years I've been waiting for this day. 1…2…4…7. But interrupted.

“Regina. After everything your giving up? It just doesn't make sense.” She blinks looking confused but then for a split second I see it, why she has been acting weird. She is pregnant.

“It dose. I ran out of things worth living for. At least u have something.”

I point to her tummy and she smiles.

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