The girl in the shadows

My name is M.C. and I am a Junior of Nightshade High school. Population of my town over 1000 people. Actives of the lives of the high schoolers drugs, sex, and making others miserable. Like all high schools there are cliques and drama. Yet my life is trying to stay out of that. Right now the world I live in is going down the drain. War is consuming the live of everyone. I am already in the shadows now the world is following me into them. Yet even so I fell in love with somebody who was in the shadows with me.


2. The Beginning















   M.C. pov

   It's like falling. . . 

 "M.C. wake up you have 20 minutes!" I opened my eyes when I heard my mom yell upstairs. I laid still for a few seconds before I moved and got up. I sat there at the edge of my bed and wondered if I should actually go. "Oh well I'm up now anyways. . ." I mumbled softly to myself and ran my fingers through my hair. I stood up and went over to my dresser and took out a pair of jeans, tank top, and a dark blue plaid shirt. I put that on and put my hair up into a ponytail and grabbed my bag, phone, and mp3 player with my headphones. 

  Each and everyday no matter what. . .

 I walked down stairs and saw my mom sitting at the table drinking coffee and staring at the news watching a screen shot of everything going on over seas. I sighed and put my black lace up combat boots on and walked out the door without saying anything. I walked down the street and kept going with my head phones in and I stopped and I stared up at the sky and I closed my eyes praying I could be somewhere else. 

  I just keep on falling. . .

 When I opened my eyes and saw it didn't change I sighed and kept on walking. Once I got to school I stood there looking at the building and narrowed my eyes slightly. I walked in and my eyes roamed over the sea of heads looking for a way to get through without being pushed into anybody. I found my path and walked that way dodging people. I turned the upper half of my body and dodged a arm and continued walking to my locker. When I got there I saw my friend standing there looking at her phone not paying attention as usual. "Yo. . ." I said softly as I started on my locker combination and she finally looked up at me and smiled. "Hey M.C. how are you?" She asked and I shrugged and mumbled out a good and grabbed my books and shut my locker and turned towards her seeing she was back looking at her phne. "You know I wouldn't be surprised if you had to get glasses." I said and she looked up at me with an annoyed look. "Yeah right M.C. like I would need glasses." She said and I laughed quietly and we walked to homeroom. 

  And there's nothing to stop me. . .

  When we got there I went to sit in the back and she went to hang out with her other friends. I sat down and looked out the window watching the clouds listening to I-Exist on my mp3 player. I sighed and put my forehead onto the desk and stared at the ground with a distant look in my eyes. I didn't notice the bell ring and when I finally looked up I saw everyone staring at me with a confused look on their faces. I took a headphone out of my ear and I raised an eyebrow at them. "Okay so M.C. is here then." The teacher said and I nodded and out my headphone back in and put my head back down. I closed my eyes trying to let my mind take me somewhere far away. I jump when someone puts there hand on my shoulder and I look up to see my friend looking at me worried. "Come on the bell rang already for 1st period." She said and I nodded again and stood up and grabbed my stuff and followed her till she got to her class and I kept going and I walked into the art room just as the bell rang. 

 I looked around and sat down next to somebody and took out my sketchbook and pencil and started to work on my drawing. I didn't look up until I heard someone clear their throat. "Ah welcome to the land of the living." The teacher said and I raise an eyebrow. "What do you mean sir?" I asked trying to be as polite as I can be. "I said you're name two times and you didn't respond." He said and I felt a embarrassed blush creeping up my neck. "S-sorry I am distracted today." I responded and he nodded and walked away ending our discussion even though it wasn't in the first place. I looked down and looked at my drawing of a girl with hair covering her right eye and her left opened slightly and her hands in front of her with water dripping from her hands and flowers and bubbles and rain surrounding her. "You know that's really good." I heard a voice beside me say and I glanced over and saw a guy sitting beside me and I shrugged. "It could be better." I said softly and went back to drawing and listening to music, also I went back to drawing her hair and darkening it and shading.I stopped and looked at the drawing my eyes taking in every detail. 'It still needs something. . .' I thought but when I looked up at the clock it was almost time to go. I closed my book and put it back into my bag and sat there with my arms propped up on the desk and my hands laced together covering my mouth. When the bell rang I got up and grabbed my bag and walked out of the room.

  That's how it went on for awhile from class to class. I would end up just finishing my work and just staring into space. When I got to lunch and went and sat outside under a tree and leaned back closing my eyes. "Please tell me you're not going to sleep?" I heard a voice say and I opened one eye to see my friend from earlier looking down at me with a hand on her hip and a eyebrow cocked. "Oh gee yeah I was." I replied sarcastically and opened my other eye and a scowl came on my face. "You don't have to be sarcastic. All I was going to do was ask if you want to sit with me and the others." She said and I sighed and the scowl came off my face and softened to one of regret. "Oh um actually I was going to sit here for awhile then get going. . ." I said softly and her smile dropped down to a frown and sadness swam in her blue orbs. "Oh. . ." Was all she said and the pose she was in dropped into one just standing there. "I'm sorry. . ." I winced when I heard my voice squeak. All she did was nod and walk off back to where her other friends are. 'How am I the one always apologizing and making you sad when you have done the same to me?' I thought and stood up and grabbed my back and walked towards the woods making sure nobody noticed. 

  I walked in with my headphones on and my hands in my pockets and walked not bothering going back since school ending right after lunch. I sighed and turned and looked back seeing them laugh and joke and act like nothing was wrong. But I could see everything they hid from their friends. I could see sadness in some and pain in others and just pure angry coming from some to were one just started a fight close to my tree. I puffed my cheeks then turned around and kept walking but then stopped. I put m hand on my cheek and pulled my fingers back feeling wetness on my cheek. "A-am I crying?" I asked myself softly and started to feel the burn from the tears in my eyes. "Shit. . ." I mumbled out and started wiping my eyes getting the tears off and trying not to cry harder.  


   Mark p.o.v

  It's like falling. . . 

  I groaned when I heard my alarm clock went off and sat up with my hand on my forehead. I stared down at my sheets then glared and threw them off. I moved and sat at the edge of my bed and continued glaring at the floor. "Blue get up!" I heard my mom yell and I got up and went to my dresser and pulled out a button up shirt and put it on and put a grey hoodie on over it and rolled up the sleeves then put jeans on with a chain belt and then put on my black bulky combat boots. I grabbed my bag, phone, and headphones and put them in and took one out and walked down the stairs seeing my mom watching the television seeing what was happening over seas and knowing that my dad is over there. I tsked and walked out the house putting in my other headphone in. 

  Each and everyday no matter what. . . 

 I stopped and looked up at the sky and frowned and closed my eyes hoping when I open them I'll be somewhere else. But once I open them and see everything is still the same I sigh and continue walking when something catches my eye. I turn my head and see a girl standing on the other side of the street standing like I was. I shook my head and continued going to school and sighed. 'That girl. . .' I thought and I stopped and glared at the school in front of me and sighed and walked in people moving to get out of my way. I got to my locker and opened it and when I turned my head I sigh when I see the girl that's always trying to get my attention and I slammed my locker shut. "What do you want?" I asked and she batted her eyelashes and I mentally gagged. "You know what I want." She said and I sighed and walked away. 

  I just keep falling. . .

 Once I got  to class I went and sat down. I put my chin on my hand and looked out the window staring at the clouds then sighed for what seemed like the fourth time today. I turned up my music and tuned everyone out when I felt a hand on my shoulder I turned my head and saw the teacher standing there with a frown. I raised an eyebrow and took a headphone out. "Yes?" I asked and she just shook her head and sighed and went back to the front of the room. I just shrugged and put my headphone back in and just stared at the clock counting down the minutes till I could leave. I heard the bell go off and I grabbed my bag and left the room and went to my next class which was math. I walked in and went to the back of the class and sat down waiting for it to beginning so then I could leave. Once the late bell rang everyone was finally here and once the teacher took roll call and started I was already down the problems we had to do and I just zoned out. I was pulled out of my thinking when the bell went off and I grabbed my bag and left. 

  And there's nothing to stop me. . .

 That's how the rest of my day went with me getting my work done and zoning out and tuning everyone out. Yet when I sat down with my back to a tree and just sitting there when I heard something. "Please tell me you're not going to sleep?" I heard somebody say and I turned my head slightly to see two people one was standing the other was sitting. "Oh gee yeah I was." I heard the second person say back using sarcasm. I felt a smirk make it's way up onto my face and knew that it was two girl's by the pitches of their voices. "You don't have to be sarcastic. All I was going to do is ask if you want to sit with me and the others." I heard the one that spoke first reply and I shrugged seemed normal. "Oh um I was actually I was going to sit here for awhile then get going. . ." I heard and I knew by how she was saying it softly it was going to make the other one upset. "Oh. . ." Was all I heard and and I turned my head to see what was happening but staying out of view. "I'm sorry." The other one squeaked out and I saw the girl's face that was sitting down and saw her frowning. 'She's really familiar. . .' I thought then looked at the other one who was standing and saw her frowning. Her friend walked away and the one that was sitting just watched her leave. I watched her stand up and leave with her stuff and walk towards the woods looking to see if anybody noticed her. 

   I got up and followed her making sure she didn't notice and I stood up a little bit away from her hiding behind a tree. I see her stop and just stare out over the courtyard and when she turns I see her raise her hand to her cheek. "A-am I crying?" I heard her ask herself and I wanted to move I really did but it was like my feet were glued to the ground. "Shit. . ." I heard her mumble and she wiped her eyes and I saw how tense she was and saw she wasn't trying to cry anymore. 'Why would you hide you're tears?' I thought and she left and I just stood there and just watched her go. Not knowing that she turned her head and saw me standing there looking at the spot she was in.      



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