The girl in the shadows

My name is M.C. and I am a Junior of Nightshade High school. Population of my town over 1000 people. Actives of the lives of the high schoolers drugs, sex, and making others miserable. Like all high schools there are cliques and drama. Yet my life is trying to stay out of that. Right now the world I live in is going down the drain. War is consuming the live of everyone. I am already in the shadows now the world is following me into them. Yet even so I fell in love with somebody who was in the shadows with me.


1. Character's Info

  Girl Main Character: 

  Name: M.C.

   Age: 17

   Height: 5"6

   Hair Color: Brown

  Eye Color: Green

  Saying: "I've been in the dark nearly all my life so tell me would you rather go by yourself which leads to death or have back up to save your sorry ass?"


   Guy Main Character:

   Name: Mark

    Age: 17

     Height: 5"8

    Hair color: brown hair with his bangs a light blue that cover his eyes slightly

    Eye Color: brown

   Saying: "Most of the time I wonder what's important and what's not but right now what's important is to bring you down."


   Hello my lovely little readers this is Luna Ookami coming at you with a important message: For right now I am putting Ghoul at Hogwarts on hold because I have to figure out how I want it all to flow and also I might have a co-author for this one!!! Now let's see how our two main characters handle themselves in this roller coaster of war and falling in love! Also don't forget to review the book or even ask questions cause we will be happy to answer! Also my might be co-author is a friend of mine so be nice to him!  

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