Dear Diary: The Secret Thoughts of a Senior

My diary, so a lot about what is going on in my life and stuff, although with a twist.


9. November 26, 2016: Now A College Freshman

Dear Diary,

I obviously suck at writing in you... I haven't done it in so long. I forget that it's important to write like this because you get to rant and rave about things, speak your mind, and not have anybody get angry with you. But... The past nine months have been harder than I ever imagined they would be. 

I got the job, the interview I talked about, if I hadn't said that before. It was an amazing job too!!! However, I switched jobs. I wanted a job that would at least be in the same field as what I would like to become after college. But that didn't work out, since my boss needed full-time instead of part-time. So, on the job hunt again I go!

I finished high school with good grades, graduated and had a great summer. But... I lost my great-grandma the week before I graduated. It was so hard, not having her there in the gym to watch me walk across the stage. I mean, yeah, she was probably there in spirit... But it's not the same as if she'd been there in person. I know she's continuously with me though. The day to move into the dorms came up, and as soon as I had everything in place, a butterfly landed on the window. I feel like it was a sign from my grandma, especially since we often associated her with butterflies after her passing because whenever we feel super down, a butterfly seemed to land close by or fly around us. It was amazing.

But my loss this year has been great. My grandmother was one of the best people I've ever known. I still feel the pain of her loss today, and that loss has grown greater after the loss of my gecko, Erza, and my hedgehog, Sven. Both were old for their species and lived very good lives. I loved them both so much... </3


College!?!?!? OMG! It's great! I'm loving it so far. I joined a sorority, and I absolutely love my sisters from the group. They're all very upbeat and cheerful, and just yeah. Plus, none of my teachers are crazy psychos. A couple are tougher than the rest, but that's to be expected. What's weird, though, is the fact that the first semester is almost over!! O-O Whhhaaaat??!?! I have three weeks left, two weeks of classes and a week for finals before Christmas break. THIS IS CRAZY! I feel like I just got there yesterday, and we're already about to be done. UGH.

In the end, I had a great year as a senior. I had many friends and family help me through the tough times, and encourage me to keep going even when I wanted to lay down and give up. The most important thing to do is keep your head up and try to keep as stress free as possible. And try as hard as you can to spend time with your friends. Don't let the year end with you guys just parting - become closer to them so that it's easier to stay in touch. 

I think this should be the end of this diary. Maybe I'll start one for college? Like, the whole next four years. What do you think? If I do, I would definitely use passages from my paper journal to make sure it starts from the beginning of college.

What do you think?

The End,


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