Dear Diary: The Secret Thoughts of a Senior

My diary, so a lot about what is going on in my life and stuff, although with a twist.


7. January 18, 2016

Dear Diary,

So I haven't written in like five days, but I've been kind of blah. After rolling my ankle, I've been kind of busy trying to now go insane from pain. It's ridiculous how big your ankle can get when it swells, and also the purple bruising can be kind of pretty.. Which sounds so weird, but is so true.

But my ankle doesn't seem much better to me. It still tingles and feels weird, and hurts A LOT. My school has a lot of stairs, and man... I hate them so much.. But I can't drop out of my school until my ankle is better. I would be ruining my future. 

ANYWAYS! I have stuff due in some of my classes, like a paper in my English class and some readings that are due Wednesday in my history class. Ugh. And then for my debate class I have to video myself giving my speeches that are for the next tournament, as well as look up tips and stuff for giving a good speech. I don't know what I'm going to do. Maybe just be insane haha. Then in drawing, we're doing a self-portrait with chalk pastels and gosh it's so messy! But I love pastels so much. They're really pretty in the final product, and super fun to use. I love being able to blend it with my fingers. But the thing is that you have to layer the colors to find the color close enough to your actual coloring. I kind of messed up with my skin coloring. I made it a bit dark, so now I need to go back over all of it with white to make it lighter. I should have started out light then slowly made it darker, but at least it's sort of easy to make it lighter. It wouldn't be like that with other mediums!

But yeah... That's my life right now. Oh! I GOT A JOB INTERVIEW! I'm so excited it's not even funny! :D I've been looking for a job for like a year now, since I quit my other job. I loved working where I was but the scheduling stuff that was going on was not working with me. So I quit... And now I've finally found a new one! Keeping my fingers crossed.


ANYWAYS! Ta-ta for now! :) Homework to do


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