Dear Diary: The Secret Thoughts of a Senior

My diary, so a lot about what is going on in my life and stuff, although with a twist.


5. January 11, 2016

Dear Diary,

11:23 a.m. - In the library because I don't have a class, and am working on scholarships. For future reference, don't pull hangnails. At least not during school when you have to write and stuff. I have drawing today too, and I'm certain that it's going to hurt to do anything because my finger is like on fire with pain. But whatever lol.

Also! When you become a senior or you are one, make sure that you're filling out as many scholarships as you can. You'll never know if you actually get the money from that scholarship or not, so it's good to always have extra then to have less than what you need. 

4:48 p.m. - At home! AND WE HAVE MISCHIEF BACK! :D It felt so good to get him and bring him back home. It was awesome to see him! And I'm sure he was happy to see us because his tail just started wagging like crazy! The only bad thing was that to break him free of doggy jail we had to pay $40. However, I think that it's worth it since they gave him a warm bed last night and kept him warm all day. I'm really thankful for whoever called him in or for which Animal Control officer found him. Who knows what could have happened to him if he hadn't put taken in by the pet shelter.

Drawing class wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. I was so focused on getting my work done that I didn't even think of my finger. I have my skull finished (although I haven't taken a picture to show you yet) and have started on a facial overlay using tissue paper. It's kind of freaking seeing the skull underneath the drawing of a person's face.

Alrighty! I gotta go get chores and homework done, so I'm out! :P


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