Dear Diary: The Secret Thoughts of a Senior

My diary, so a lot about what is going on in my life and stuff, although with a twist.


8. February 18, 2016

Dear Diary,

Did I mention that I suck at continuously writing in a diary? No? Well, now ya know.

Honestly, not much has happened since the last time I wrote. My ankle still hurts and I still have homework I have to get done. ALTHOUGH! I did finish my self-portrait in class, as well as the skull. If I had to say anything about them, it'd probably be that I think the skull drawing is better. In my self-portrait I messed my hair up slightly by having it be crooked. I'll have to upload a picture or something. But anyways! 

I met a boy. But... although this boy was nice and seemed amazing, he turned out to be kind of a jerk. We had been flirting, like serious flirting - the type that usually end with a relationship, ya know? Anyways, we were flirting and I find out that he has a girlfriend... The worst part is that I didn't even find that out from him. He hid it from me on purpose. I already had some trust issues, and it's things like this that make me want to hide in my room and not socialize. I'm over it, I just stopped thinking and talking about him, but this is why it's important to know everything about a person before you start getting attached.


On Valentine's Day, I got a flower! It was a beautiful yellow rose :) Very pretty. I love lilies more, but roses are more common to give on Val Day. My mom got me a huge blue body pillow too, and I absolutely adore it! :D

Last weekend was also my last debate tournament. As a senior, there's going to be a lot of lasts, even if there will be a lot of firsts also coming up. It made me sad, knowing that was the last time I was going to sit in a room with other people to debate on topics we researched all night. That I wouldn't be sitting at a table in a cafeteria after my type of debate was done, and be starving because another team mate in LD or PF made it to like the semi-finals. It's the tiny things, like not seeing someone smile at a weird joke while in a round, or seeing someone not joking or giving speeches because they'd rather be the presiding officer. It's the small things that you really have to enjoy.. 

Alright, I think I'm going to go actually eat lunch now lol. Good day! :D


(P.S.) The picture below is a pic of the skull I drew. I think it looks real enough that it could jump out of the pic. But that's just me lol.



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