Jet black heart<3

I can't believe this is happening to me...
That picture he took of her, his hands around her waist I can't even bare to look (chins up.)
I'm so done. 3 years together and the engagement ring on my ring finger, He ain't marrying me.Him living in Australia on the other side of the world and me living in the miserable England;( Chemicals trying to keep us apart. I felt like a castaway when he said he was moving. I played it totally cool like Michael always did, me totally not giving a care in the world, but inside I was hurt. Anyway, let me introduce you.
I am Naomi Clifford, and yes, I still love with my Michael.

Enjoy and like for more! :)


2. Chapter two:

All of a sudden, I woke up. I looked around panicked, wondering where I was. Wires extended from my arms through needles; I traced my fingers along them. Gauze was wrapped around my wrists and my thighs. That was where my cuts were. Now I remeber, I had reached a vein. Suddenly doctors began to rush into the room, shouting illegible things. It was too much for me though. I blacked out again.

When I woke up again my head hurt and everything was spinning. This time only one doctor entered the room.

"Hello," he said softly, his smile to sickly sweet to be real. I sat up slightly and held my head, only to be pushed right back down by the doctor. 

"Okay. This might be weird, but it's just standard procedure. I'm gonna ask you a couple questions, okay?" I nodded my head, even though that sentence made no sence.

 "What is your name?" I answered straight away,

"Naomi Tanner"

The doctor nodded, "Right, how old are you?"


He took notes on his clipboard as he read.

"What's your eye colour?"

"Dark brown, almost black."

I shifted in the bed uncomfortably, not wanting to have to describe my ugly face to him. The face that Michael left me because of. That made no sence either.

"When is your birthday?"

I thought for a second before answering, "

"June 12th. 

The doctor sighed. "Okay, that's all for now."

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