Jet black heart<3

I can't believe this is happening to me...
That picture he took of her, his hands around her waist I can't even bare to look (chins up.)
I'm so done. 3 years together and the engagement ring on my ring finger, He ain't marrying me.Him living in Australia on the other side of the world and me living in the miserable England;( Chemicals trying to keep us apart. I felt like a castaway when he said he was moving. I played it totally cool like Michael always did, me totally not giving a care in the world, but inside I was hurt. Anyway, let me introduce you.
I am Naomi Clifford, and yes, I still love with my Michael.

Enjoy and like for more! :)


3. Chapter three:

I sighed, sick of lying in this hospital bed, useless all day. What would Michael think of me. Oh yeah, absolutely nothing seeing as he doesn't care about me anymore. I swung my legs over the side of the bed and hopped off, only to be pulled straight back by the wires connecting me to the machine. I huffed frustrated before ripping them out of my arms. I couldn't feel any pain. I was used to it. 

My feet touched the cold stone floor and felt numb as they were bare. "What to wear what to wear." I said to myself as I searched the room for some clothes. Surprisingly, the machine that was hooking me up to life support was not telling the doctors of my dispatch. All the best for me I guess. I found some shoes and an over sized sweater, so I slipped them on. Luckily the doctors let me keep my underwear. 

​I tiptoed over to the window in the corner of the room. I had no idea why the window was so big for a hospital room; I could fit my hole body in there.

I rattled with the latch. Locked.

I cursed under my breath before an idea sprang into my head. I reached for the bobby pin I always kept in my hair (just in case) before skilfully picking the lock. I stuck my head outside. I was only on the first floor. Gradually each part of my body stuck out the window until I was basically dangling from the window sill. I let go.

My feet hit the ground, but luckily I remembered to bend my knees so I wasn't injured in any way. 

Climbing the gate, I was finally outside the hospitals walls. I was free.


Hey guys! DrummerGirl here. I know this chapter is short but I've kinda got writers block so...

​I'll try and see you soon,

DrummerGirl xxx

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