Since the death of her mother, fifteen-year-old Grace's life has been turned upside down. And now her father has sent her to a boarding school in the middle of the English countryside.

Oh, and she may or may not be seeing spirits of the dead.

Grace soon realises that she’s not the only student on campus who can see ghosts.

When she and her new roommate, Kasia, see the spirit of a little girl roaming the hallways, the two of them try to piece together the mystery of her death. But at what cost to their own lives?


1. Prologue

Luca Crenshaw walked calmly towards the body of the man who had just been hit by the car that he was now lying in front of. He slowly approached the paramedics who were confirming the man dead at the scene, getting as close as he could without being shooed away.

As he took a good look at the body, he saw very few signs of physical damage, meaning it must have been internal injuries that killed him. This was good. It was never a pleasant experience when they showed up in a right state.

Luca pondered for a moment, wondering what it might be that the man required before leaving the earth planes.

He strolled over to the railings of the nearby primary school and waited for the man to show up. A death right outside the school. This would definitely be the main topic of conversation for the children the next morning. No doubt accompanied by a lecture from their head teacher, reminding them all to be careful whilst crossing the roads.

Luca only had to wait a few minutes before he spotted the oh-so-familiar sight of the misty presence rising up from the body on the ground. It still gave him chills. He stood patiently as the mist formed the ghostly image of the man. They looked identical. Apart from the fact that one was slightly transparent, of course.

He waited until the man had seen his own body before making his move. That was the best time to approach him, before he started freaking out.

He swiftly ducked under the police tape and kept as far away from the paramedics and police as possible. He couldn’t risk being seen. People give you strange looks when you appear to be talking to no one.

“Alright,” Luca said to himself. “Here we go again.”



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