Here's to teenage memories

she is a 18 year old girl named Kristen shes with an abusive boyfriend named Conner. one day someone saves her from Conner but who is this handsome man that saves her read to find out


6. unfortunate encounter

Kristen's P.O.V

I look out my window to find a police officer i rolled down my window and asked

" sorry but is there an issue?" I asked kind of worried

" yes you are parked at the side of the road and ur for ways aren't on can i see your license and registration please" he asked

" sure" i say happy to do so cuz this is my car

I hand him my license and registration and he's starting at my arms when he takes them from me

"Where did u get all those scars and bruises on your arm" he asked looking at Calum but talk to me

" from my ex boyfriend and no thats not him" i say pointing to Calum

"Are u sure u don't have to lie" the officer said

"Yea im sure the guy that did this to me wasn't him it was Conner Jones" i said a little ticked off

" im sorry did you just say Conner Jones?" He asked

"Yeah why?" I asked confused

"Because we've been looking for him for months he missed his court date and" I stopped him there

" what do u mean court date what did he do" i asked

" he sold drugs and he was up for attempted murder" he said and i swear u should have seen my face it was beyond shocked

"And miss you are a victim of that as well how long were u with him for" he asked

" 3 years " i state very unhappy

" do u know where he is now"

I nodded and gave him the address

" thank you so much here is your license and registration back u wont be getting a ticket anymore" he said very happy

" your welcome" I smiled and waved as i got back in the car with Calum

Calum's P.O.V

"You Okai?" I asked knowing the answer

"Not really no" she said almost crying

I gave her a hug

" everything is going to be Okai now you did the right thing" i said as i pulled away from the hug

" thanks Calum I needed to hear that alright shall we go" shes says smiling

" we shall" i said smiling back

We talked and sang and laughed the entire way to my house Rider was asleep the entire way

Kristen's P.O.V

We finally arrived at Calum's house in Sydney it turns out that he lives fairly close to my mom the boys texted Calum to say the police got Conner and that they were on their way here now

We talked for hours b4 the boys got here and i tell you i don't remember the last time I had this much fun I really can't thank these guys enough for what they did for me i am truly grateful for them and we just met

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