Here's to teenage memories

she is a 18 year old girl named Kristen shes with an abusive boyfriend named Conner. one day someone saves her from Conner but who is this handsome man that saves her read to find out


3. The Torture part 2

Kristen's P.O.V



We've jut finished dinner and are looking at the dessert menu then i hear my name being called so i look up to see everyone looking at me


"Sorry yes" i say shyly


"Oh its okai i was just asking what ur hobbies were" Luke asked


"Oh i love to sing, dance, i write music, i play almost every kind of instrument, i draw my own tattoos and I've drawn all of the tattoos that Conner has, i have a YouTube channel that i do covers on" i say shyly but a little bit proud at the same time


"Woah ur very talented what do u do for a living" Ashton asked


"Well I'm a Victoria secret model I actually met Conner during on of my shoots" i say


"Oh cool i can see why Conner is attracted to you" Michael said


"I honestly don't see it at all but I'm happy he asked me out" i say completely lie with a fake smile


Before anyone could say anything the waitress asked what everyone wanted for dessert


We all got a lava cake


Ask im eating my lava cake i bite into something hard so i spit it in my napkin and cleaned it off it was an engagement ring


FUCK no wonder he was being so nice tonight


I turn around to see Conner on one knee


"Kristen i know we've been through a lot would u do me the honour of being my beloved wife?" Conner says still on 1 knee


Everyone is staring shit shit shit


"No its over Conner im sick of u abusing me, treating me like shit, and im sick of u cheating on me all the time then thinking u can be nice for like 20 minuets so everything will magically be fine  well its fucking not Conner were fucking done" i say a little to bluntly


Conner looks so mad im frozen into place


"What did u say u bitch" Conner says now pissed


"you heard me you fucking asshole " i say I don't know what's gotten into me but i like it


I'm scared outta my mind and just as I'm thinking that

Conner smacks me so hard in the face i fell backwards he started punching and kicking me.

he hit me everywhere but my stomachfor some reason but him hitting me didn't last long i slowly looked up to see why and i saw Ashton and Michael are holding him back while Luke is punching the fuck outta him Calum came over to me to help me up

everyone was cussing at Conner now 

"lets go Kristen im gonna take you home to get your stuff then u can stay with me u aren't gonna stay with that creep anymore" Calum says 

" but what about them?" i ask pointing to the rest of the boys

" its fine they r gonna stay here and deal with Conner" he says 

"okai then lets take my car" i say 

" okai cool" he says 

we leave the restaurant then Calum turns to me 

"so which one's ur car?" he asks 

"that one" i point to the candy apple red Ferrari he looks at me with shock

"that's your car?" he says gawking at it

"yup now can we go get my stuff please before Conner gets outta their grasp to come beat me some more?" i ask 

"by all means" he said

we get in to my car and put on some Nirvana cal looks at me weirdly

"what?" i ask

" u like Nirvana?" he asked

"yea there like one of the best bands out there" i say in a duh tone

"right i love their music" he says 

we start singing along to come as you are by Nirvana

i drive to my place quickly not knowing how much longer they can "deal" with Conner

i pull into my driveway and park the car i look over to Calum

" you coming in?" i ask 

"yeah sure if u don't mind"

"i hope u like dogs cuz my baby is in there" i say 

"ooo i love dogs is it a boy or girl?" he says a little too excited

"hes a boy his name is Ryder and hes a shih tzu pug hes super sweet he protects even tho hes little" i say happily 

" aww he sounds very cute" he says

i unlock the door and i hear Ryder running to me

i bend down to pet him 

" hey boy were gonna take all of mummy's stuff and move somewhere else say hi to Calum" i say to him as he cautiously goes to smell Calum 

"hes soo cute and he listens so well" he say proudly

"well he hates Conner so im not surprised he likes u" i say 

" whats that supposed to mean" he asks 

" that u are different from Conner in so many ways and Ryder can tell a good person from a bad person" i say matter-o-factly 

"oh okai umm well lets get your stuff quickly then i have now idea how much longer they can keep him" he says

"okai well ill hurry then" i say running up the stairs 

i grab  a few duffle bags and start packing all my stuff

i grab everything that belongs to me in my room 

then i grab everything from the bathroom 

its a good thing i did Laundry last night 

i go to my music room and grab all my instrument and my mac book i left in there when doing a video last night i put everything in cased the drum set can fit in the back seat with all the rest of my instruments 

"Calum can u come help me for a minuet please" i ask from upstairs

" sure" i hear foot steps coming up the stairs

"what do u need help with?" he asked 

" can u please carry my instruments down and put them in the back seat of my car please" i ask pleadingly 

"yeah sure no problem" he says 

i grab all my stuff and i mean all of it and put it in the trunk the only thing left to grab is Ryder and his stuff

"is there anything we forgot" he asks

"we just need Ryder and all his stuff" i say 

" okai ell lets go get them" he says enthusiastically 

we run back inside i run to the kitchen to grab all of Ryder's things in there

i tell calum to get his bed and shit from the living room he he happily obliges 

grab Ryder's leash and collar and whistle for him to come 

"okai boy lets go to mummy's car" he runs to the car he doesn't need a leash for that Calum just looks surprised about it i just giggle 

" whats so funny" he asked

" oh nothing" i say and walk to the car to let Ryder in 







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