Here's to teenage memories

she is a 18 year old girl named Kristen shes with an abusive boyfriend named Conner. one day someone saves her from Conner but who is this handsome man that saves her read to find out


1. The Torture Part 1

Kristen's P.O.V

"KRISTEN GET IN HERE RIGHT NOW" i hear Conner calling from his study 

"yes sir" i carefully respond 

" WHY THE FUCK WOULD U THINK THIS IS EXCEPTABLE?" he says pointing to his dinner

"im very sorry sir would you like to go out to a restaurant instead?" i respond cautiously  

he stands up and walks towards me and says " that's not a bad idea but ur paying bitch now go get dressed and make me wanna be seen with a whore like you"

"yes sir'  I respond holding my tongue because i don't wanna be beaten again

i quickly run upstairs to my room take a quick shower out the clothes that Conner bought for me yesterday when he

was in a good mood did my make up and went downstairs to meet Conner "im sorry i took so long but i wanted to make

sure i looked good for you" i looked at him cautiously and he looks happy about something and then he responds to me

" you did good you look gorgeous Kristen now lets go baby" 

"thank you sir" i say 

" its okai baby you don't have to call me that right now"

" thank you baby i love you"  those words have no meaning in this relationship anymore because i don't love him i

just wanna leave and be free again but he wont let me leave he says if i even try he will kill me so for no i just gotta

fake a smile for him 

"so baby where would u like to go" he says to me but i have a feeling i should ask him where he wants to go 

' im not quite sure hun where would you like to go" he looks at me with a smile i knew it 

" actually i would like to go to my friend Luke's restaurant i haven't seen him since him and his band went on tour

and they are back" he looks at me for and answer "where ever you wanna go ill be happy with" he smiles at me and drives us over to his friends restaurant i've never met him or his band but Conner has told me so much about them they sound pretty cool Conner seems happy so i better keep him that way 

soon after our conversation ended arrived at the restaurant he gets outta the car and just as im about to get out of the car he opens the door for me and let me tell u that's a first im getting really confused with his behavior he hasn't treated me this way since we started going out my guess is hes trying to show off 

"shall we baby" he says 

"we shall" i reply with a fake smile

we walk in the restaurant only to be greeted by four gorgeous guys saying hi to Conner 

"guys this is the girl ive been telling you about Kristen this is Luke, Ashton, Michael, and finally Calum"

" Nice to meet you all" i smile that calum guy is really hot but i better not show it because if Conner see's me looking at another man at all for any reason i better just be cautious about how i act tonight or ill be dead for sure


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