Here's to teenage memories

she is a 18 year old girl named Kristen shes with an abusive boyfriend named Conner. one day someone saves her from Conner but who is this handsome man that saves her read to find out


9. the surprise

~~its been a few weeks since ive posted a video on my YouTube channel so im in the studio room setting up my camera getting ready to sing a song I wrote right before the incident Conner meaning the day I ended things with him and moved in with the boys this song I wrote about 3 weeks before its called you haven't seen the last of me everyone is out that's y I have chosen this song I don't want anyone to hear it just yet im just recording it so I can hear how it sounds afterwards and if I decide its good enough ill post it. This song is what kept me going I sang it to myself every night while Conner was working I take one last breath before I start playing the piano and singing the lyrics

"You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me"

Feeling broken
 Barely holding on
 But there's just something so strong
 Somewhere inside me
 And I am down but I'll get up again
 Don't count me out just yet

 I've been brought down to my knees
 And I've been pushed way past the point of breaking
 But I can take it
 I'll be back
 Back on my feet
 This is far from over
 You haven't seen the last of me
 You haven't seen the last of me

 They can say that
 I won't stay around
 But I'm gonna stand my ground
 You're not gonna stop me
 You don't know me
 You don't know who I am
 Don't count me out so fast

 I've been brought down to my knees
 And I've been pushed way past the point of breaking
 But I can take it
 I'll be back
 Back on my feet
 This is far from over
 You haven't seen the last of me

 There will be no fade out
 This is not the end
 I'm down now
 But I'll be standing tall again
 Times are hard but
 I was built tough
 I'm gonna show you all what I'm made of

 I've been brought down to my knees
 And I've been pushed way past the point of breaking
 But I can take it
 I'll be back
 Back on my feet
 This is far from over
 I am far from over
 You haven't seen the last of me

 No no
 I'm not going nowhere
 I'm staying right here
 Oh no
 You won't see me fade out
 I'm not taking my bow
 Can't stop me
 It's not the end
 You haven't seen the last of me
 Oh no
 You haven't seen the last of me
 You haven't seen the last of me

I stopped the camera and made sure it didn't delete then made sure I was still alone and I was so I played the video back and it was quite good this song speaks to me in ways that nobody would understand I just hope that the others would like it oh well guess I have to wait till after work later tonight

I get ready for work and go downstairs for something quick to eat and Ryder my dog comes up to me with his leash shit I forgot to walk him today fuck I guess im taking him to work today Kayla will be thrilled to see him

I forgot to mention that I have an assistant now her name is Kayla my boss thought I had too much on my plate so he hired me an assistant she's awesome she makes things easier and shes a really nice girl im thinking of introducing her to the boys soon but I don't know yet I still have to talk to the boys they still don't know I have an assistant its not that im hiding it or anything its just never come up in conversation I hop into my car with Ryder and everything I need I also brought my camera just in case the boys want to snoop on my music while im not home again ever since they found out I can sing they are so excited to hear new songs and are pushing me to sign a contract with their record label I still don't think im good enough but I told them that I would think about it.

just as I was snapping outta my thoughts I was at work I unpacked the car left my camera in the glove box took Ryder out and locked up the car so nobody would get in

I walk into the building with Ryder and Kayla was running towards me yelling my name


"woah relax calm down whats going on" I asked confused by her actions

"some rlly cute boy is here to see you OOOOOOOO PUPPY"  Kayla says happily going to pet Ryder

" Okai thanks ill go see who it is oh and Ryder needs a walk if you could ple-" before I could finish my sentence

"OH MY GOSH YES YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES" she says I laugh she takes Ryder's leash and heads out the door with him and I make my way to my photo shoot room to find Calum there with some girl and a guy

"hey Calum what brings you here and who is this and why couldn't it wait till I got home from work"

"well this is my sister Mali-Koa and her fiancé George im sorry to barge in while your just starting work but they couldn't wait to meet you and I was wondering if you'd like to have dinner with me tonight with Mali-Koa and George" he said

"hehehe of course id love to Cal and its very nice to meet you both hey how about you guys stay and watch me work that is if you want to" I said

"We'd love to" Mali-Koa said happily

"Alright well you guys can sit tight here if you need anything just ask my new assistant Kayla shes out walking my dog Ryder at the moment but she should be back any minuet now and before you ask Cal my boss decided to hire me an assistant because she thought i had to much on my plate at work and at home i will be right back i need to go get ready for the shoot" i say walking away to my dressing room

after about 20 minuets of hair and makeup i got dressed in my outfit this shoots theme is weddings so im in a beautiful white wedding dress with my hair in a waterfall braid and my makeup done to perfection and a vail on my head as soon as i walk out Calums mouth drops i smile thank goodness he cant see my face right now because of the vail i do my poses and go get another outfit on.

after about 20 outfits im done for the day and am getting ready to leave as Kayla comes in to my dressing room

"yes Kayla what do you need" i asked still packing up my things

"i need a favour" she said

"what is it" i said

"i need an advance on my pay" she said

"what for" i asked

"im a little short on rent this month" she said

"alright oh and im giving you a raise since what your getting now isn't enough for you to get by also if you keep up the good work we can talk about getting you a proper place to live" i said


i sighed a cheque for her and she ran off im guessing to go pay her rent off what a funny girl

the rest of the day went by pretty quickly before I knew it dinner was over and it was time to show everyone my secret song its my surprise to them along with me telling them ill sign the contact to join their label we all walked into the house and I have the camera ready to show everyone

"hey guys can everyone come to the living room please I want to show everyone something" I said as im hooking the camera up to the tv

"were all here what do u want to show us" Mikey said

"well I wrote this song exactly 3 weeks before I met you guys and I wasn't ready to show it to anyone but no I am and I want you guys to be the first to hear it also after you watch the video I made I have a surprise for you guys" I said smiling

"okai lets hear it" luke said

"yeah im uber excited now" Mali-Koa said

I hit play



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