Out of the woods

Wake up with a terrible memory in 2230. Find yourself on Vulcan. And here's the kicker: imagine if that you are that guy who's from the future. A admiral. This is a story how amnesia can be overcome, how some obstacles can be challenged and overcome with, and how sometimes you can do the difficult things just for someone you care about. When pieces of the puzzle come together . . . realization hits. This man with amnesia calls himself 'Jim'.


5. Take a hand and hold on tight

"Jim!" Spock shouted.

A hand caught Jim's wrist.

"I am not letting go of your hand." Spock said.

Jim looked up to see the man who had saved his life in the nick of time. He couldn't see their face as it was a blurr. He noticed the hair was dark and was finely cut. The hand had flat youthful skin that felt soft. Jim was dangling out of a hole that was sucking in everything in. Jim could see there were a pair of pointy ears. Spock. That is who it is. But why could he not necessarily see his face? Jim could feel a odd sense of comfort from seeing the Vulcan.

The Vulcan had grabbed onto a root sticking out of the ground.

Jim looked over his shoulder to see the blue inside of the hole showing a thin layer of a event going on. It was a transporter room of some kind that wasn't the one he was familiar to. A chair tumbled through landing straight on the ground on its side. The interior of the transporter room was dark and not as bright. There were six circles that were glowing a unique shade of white.

"Spock, I think this is a location portal." Jim said.

"Captain, with all the evidence we have compiled of this phenomena anything that goes in is burned and destroyed beyond recognition," Spock said. "Burned to the crisp."

"But the portal didn't have a location in those instances," Jim said. "It could be safe."

"Captain, there are sixty-six point twenty-three chances that you will die." Spock said.

"I will be okay, you can trust me."

Spock's grip on Jim's wrist was loosening mostly because of the sheer force the hole was drawing upon and his grip on the branch was making it break apart slowly and gradually. Jim had his classic smile for reassurance. He couldn't see the look on the Vulcan's face. He could feel the hand wrapped around his hand was trembling. The Vulcan was afraid of losing him. The Vulcan cleared his throat.

"As it is customary before one's dearly beloved leaves . . ." Spock said. "I love you."

"I love you, too." Jim replied.

Spock let go of Jim's hand. Jim felt the pull of the portal bringing him towards it. The massive force that was nearly breaking the root had stopped and Jim fell into the hole where he saw the flickering edges of blue flames. He heard a scream, "Captain!" that sounded frightened, concerned, and scared. Of course he had felt a burning sensation briefly. The next he felt was pain upon landing on his side on his shoulder. Damn, that might of broken his shoulder. Yep, he broke it.


Jim awoke from the dream.

It was 2233.

Jim wasn't a young man anymore. He was a older man. Age, sixty-three. He didn't look as young as he used to be. His blonde hair had changed to brown over the few decades that passed after he commanded his first ship. It was a momentous day when he was given the ship, his entire family was there for the ceremony. Jim could remember their proud faces, their happy smiles, and how the three boys of his brothers congratulated him. Second boy in the family to command a starship. The first five years he had commanding a starship was the greatest years he had in his life.

His golden years so to speak.

He looked at the mirror to the bathroom.

If he were younger, he wouldn't have recognized his older self at first. The lights were dim inside the apartment. He was on a starbase that he did not bother to think about. It just reminded him how screwed up his life had become and how he had began a journey to discover his identity once more. It was five thirty-two AM. Everything was so different between this era and the one he had lived in prior. Warp one was considered slow while warp eight was considered the normal warp. It was so strange. He got dressed into his typical every-day civilian attire that still fit.

Surprisingly he still appeared to be a sixty year old.


He spent three years making a identity for himself.


Three long years. It had taken considerable time to construct a life in this universe. He learned of Star Fleet during his first year and then it all came to about Star Fleet. Everyone he knew would be joining Star Fleet to serve aboard a starship in a couple decades. One that defined Jim and Spock together as a person, friend, and lover. Jim came out of the restroom into his quarters well actually his bedroom. He walked out of the room through the moving door.

"Ambassador Sarek is calling." Came the computer.

Jim went over the desk with a wide screen that was part of the desk and served similarly as one he used often on his ship for conversations with Star Fleet.

"Answer." Jim said.

On the wide screen appeared Sarek.

"Hello . . . Do you remember your last name?" Sarek asked.

Jim shook his head.

"Negative." Jim said.

"How unfortunate." Sarek said.

"What are you calling for, Ambassador?" Jim said.

Sarek paused.

"We have been. . . unfortunately busy," Sarek said. "Due to the loss of the USS Kelvin, helmed by George Kirk, the federation has been seeking answers regarding the Romulan."


"What was his name?" Jim asked.

"Sources say his name was Nero." Sarek said.

Jim stared into space.

"Hello, Jim," Came that voice. "We met before. A long time ago."

"I don't know who you are but you are to let go of my commanding officer and my two security officers." Jim said.

"Why don't you come and get him." Nero said.

Negative, Spock wouldn't want him to risk his life for him. He remembered feeling angry at the pointy eared Romulan with a tattoo that wasn't known. A tattoo spread all over his face. He had claimed to be from the future and the past, which didn't make any sense. He had swore vengeance over Jim after saying he had got vengeance on Spock regarding a specific planet he did not name. No one in Star Fleet or aboard the ship knew what Nero was capable of. No one knew what exactly they were dealing with. He was worse than Khan. Whatever beef Nero had against the Vulcan was dealt with. Jim's hands grasped the arm rest. He stood up from the chair with all eyes on him.

This was in 2269, the fourth year of their four year mission.

Nero was quite vague when and how he would meet Spock.

"No," Jim said. "I won't."

"You value this Vulcan as though he is your right hand man." Nero said.

"He is right my hand man." Jim said.

"Then why don't you save him?" Nero asked, baffled.

"Regarding the situation, that is a . . " Jim leaned back into the chair. "Illogical choice."

The Romulan frowned.

"Why is it a illogical choice?" Nero asked.

"Because," Jim said. "You are not logical. Nothing is. Nothing about this situation makes sense. Either you are trying to break a nerve in the federation between us and the Vulcans, or try to hurt my emotionally for a reason you have yet to state." He was buying time for Spock. Spock was likely getting his Vulcan ass out of that cell with the security officers. "Whatever you want . . . You will not get it from here."

Nero smiled.

"You want to see the death of a billion people over not retrieving your first officer?"

"And the security officers."

"They are dead, Captain wanna be."

"Did you just call me a wanna-be?"

"Yes, cadet!"

"I am not a cadet. I am a captain. I graduated from Star Fleet long before you were born."

"Fine then, captain. Watch your ways conjure up the death of billions. Nero out."

Jim stared at the screen.

"Transporter to Bridge." Came a Scottish voice.

"Jim here." Jim said.

"We got Spock, captain." The Scottish voice said.

"I am fine, captain, but I cannot say the same for the other security officers. I only managed to escape through . . . less logical means."

Jim sighed, in relief.

"Captain!" Came the voice of a woman.

Jim found himself somewhere else in a dark scenery.

"Watch your mistake mean the death of billions, captain."

A long item was sent down toward the planet. The starship across from them was damaged quite badly but not enough to mean the end. Jim was held back by several rogue Romulans as he watched the planet explode. Children, babies, mothers, fathers, and . . . everyone. Gone. Extinct. Jim was staring at it horror. The pinge of guilt began to sink in. His face full of terror. The anchor came out of what remained of the planet. His knees gave out. He felt sick. Ill. Ready to puke.

"You just watched an entire species go out," Nero said. "What is your next move,captain?"

Jim shook his head snapping out of the trance at the sound of Sarek's voice.

"Do you know this Nero?" Sarek asked.

"I killed him." Jim said.

Sarek raised a eyebrow.

"But Nero is alive." Sarek said.

"Nero is a threat that should be neutralized . . . and will be. I don't understand how I know but I just know," Jim said. "So what are you really calling about?"

The name George Kirk.



His father was named George!

His brother was named after him!

Except his middle name was Samuel.

Jim knew his last name.

It was Jim Kirk.

"Admiral Kirk," Came what sounded like a familiar young male voice. Flashy smile. Friendly handshake. "It is honor to meet you."

He was a admiral.

"We need . . . a nanny," Sarek said. "We have been busy searching in Vulcanian side of space and it is very extensive. Amanda and I are not going to be around long."

Jim nodded.

"And what makes me a suitable nanny for your son?"



"Sybok and Spock."

Jim remembered a older man with a beard. He remembered standing by the side of Spock asking him what he was seeing. Jim recalled being in a space that was similar to a room where a woman delivered a baby except it was only he and Spock. He was there,partially, with Spock in the mind. They had that mind-psychic connection. Sybok went into a blue glowing field with his arms spread out requesting to mend what was broken inside this entity in essence to heal him.

Jim smiled.

"I will ask again, what makes me a desirable choice?" Jim asked.

"Your given record states you are a logical choice and your experience with Vulcan children was rather valuable." Sarek said.

Jim raised a eyebrow.

"What experience?" Jim asked.

"You were there to aid several children during a attack by the Klingons." Sarek said.

Ooooh, right!

Jim had 'roleplayed' with them and given them a story to be engrossed in. Some of the children were children. This form of entertainment eased their worries and their frantic state. They were in the safest part of the star base at the time. By the time the attack was over, the children were on another play pretending to be space pirates and one of them was a supposed princess. Jim smiled at the rather fresh memory he made. Too bad Spock couldn't be there to see his strides in taking care of children.

"Ah, I remember." Jim said.

"And the parents had glowing reviews," Sarek added. "You aided in several basic procedures: CPR, easing the children of a frightening situation, and generally being there. As I recall, you were called one night to ease one of the surviving children of a nightmare that her parents died in the attack and the nightmare had persisted for days despite her parents intervention. You went above and beyond the role of 'protector'."

"I see now how it is logical you ask me to be a nanny." Jim said.

"Only for some time," Sarek said. "I give it . . . three year, no . . . seven years. Vulcanian space is very extensive."

"Live in nanny, I assume?" Jim said.

"Quite accurate." Sarek said.

"I accept." Jim said.

"Though I do request. . . If my son gets emotionally attached. . ." Sarek started to say.

"He won't get that attached to me, Sarek," Jim said, with a shake of his hand. "You are his father. I am just a family friend."

"But it can happen." Sarek said.

"Sarek, I promise you, moving out is not going to hurt this kids heart. I am going to visit every once in a while, I got a Vulcan friend who'll give me free rides. His name is Skork."

Sarek raised an eyebrow.

"That story is true?" Sarek asked.

"All of it." Jim said.

Sarek lowered his eyebrow.

"I see how he is in your debt." Sarek said.

"Eventually, he will get out of it. Give or take two decades," Jim said, with a sway of his hand. "And he'll have the favor returned. Won't be in my debt anymore."

"I will expect your arrival." Sarek said.

"When do you leave?" Jim said.

"Two days." Sarek said.

"I will be there in one day." Jim said.

"Thank you, you do not know how much this means to my wife with someone caring to take care of our children." Sarek said.

Jim nodded.

"I understand." Jim said.

"As the humans phrase say, 'see you later'," Sarek said. "Sarek out."

The screen turned black.


The hall was long and wide but occupied with people standing sharing conversations. Skork was taking someone to Vulcan from a nearby starship so it wasn't any trouble for him. Just a quick beaming and off they go. Jim packed what little he had. A com badge. Some clothes. Toothpaste. Socks, and the other attire he dressed in 365 days of the year.

There was a blonde woman talking to a man with dark brown hair by the door to the transporter room. The ship would be here in at least five hours. He could wait for that amount of time. He could say goodbye to those he knew,especially these two. Sam and John. His packed belongings were still in the still assigned quarters in the star base. It was like a floating town because of the well kept community except now, it seemed, three of them were going to leave. This whole discussion of beaming between the two indicated that John was leaving the star base after god knows how long.

"I am not taking the transporter to that ship, Sam."

"Come on, it is not going to hurt you."

"Say that to the guy who lost his ass in the other side of the galaxy."

"John, beaming was perfected long ago."

"They said using the Ark was easy and someone lost a hand one time!"

Jim walked over.

"Arguing about the transporter once again?"

"It is not safe," John said. "I tell you. My atoms might get scattered all over the universe and my pattern could be distorted."

"You know that is not going to happen," Sam said. "Relax."

"I can't relax." John said.

"I agree with your sister," Jim said. "Beaming is very safe these days."

John glared over toward Jim.

"You never been beamed."

"I have been beamed, plenty of times," Jim said. "Oh, and I got to say, I know my last name."

"What is it?" Sam asked.

"Kirk." Jim said

"Jim Kirk." John said, in disbelief.

"Yes." Jim said.

"You know Jim is a nickname for the name James. Perhaps James is your first name and Jim is just a nickname you been calling yourself this entire time."

"That would make sense," Jim agreed. "But my association with that name is not at least . . . the kind I want."

"What is the kind you want?" John asked.

"A strong connection, something I can easily remember." Jim said.

Suddenly the star base shook from side to side. A hole appeared right alongside where Jim had been standing, previously, and his hand actually caught onto a piece of scrap metal. He held his breath to prevent himself from being killed. Being nearly taken out into outer space is nothing that is cheery. John took Jim's free hand as the starbase rattled. Jim could see bird-of-preys outside attack. They sported the design of Romulan space crafts. Why were the Romulans randomly attacking?

John helped Jim up.

"I believe we gotta leave this joint, sis." John said.

"Let's go." Sam said.

"Thank you!" Jim shouted off to John watching the two run down the hallway.

Jim held on steady to the wall. He was going to get the hell out of here with what belongings he had even if it meant going above and beyond what a man in his position should be doing. From what little Sarek had sent to Jim about the two boys, Sybok was nine years old and Spock was three, and the boys were a absolutely adorable pair. Jim had them to look forward to. With all his might, Jim managed to get back to his quarters, snatch his packed belongings, and make his way to the emergency shuttle station.

Families were leaving in groups.

"We're not leaving Dorian behind, Sam!" John said.

"Fine, then go get him." Sam said.

John had a grumpy look about his face as he went past Jim.

Dorian? Who the hell was Dorian? He never heard of someone by the name Dorian. Maybe Dorian was that usual African American fellow with the side of his face glowing blue. Then again the brother and sister were stranger than him. Jim had never met them in his universe. He made it into the other escape shuttle watching Sam standing by the door tapping her foot with one hand holding a luggage in the handle. The starbase trembled.

"Ready to lift off." The pilot announced.

The shuttle craft zipped out of the trembling Star Base.

"Hope these kids make it out okay." Jim said, hopefully.

Fifteen minutes later, after twenty-three escape shuttles made it out, Jim watched the star base explode rocking the shuttle back and forth.



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