Out of the woods

Wake up with a terrible memory in 2230. Find yourself on Vulcan. And here's the kicker: imagine if that you are that guy who's from the future. A admiral. This is a story how amnesia can be overcome, how some obstacles can be challenged and overcome with, and how sometimes you can do the difficult things just for someone you care about. When pieces of the puzzle come together . . . realization hits. This man with amnesia calls himself 'Jim'.


3. Result of a broken bond

"It seems he is ailing from a broken bond." The healer said.

"Hm?" Sarek said, surprised.

The idea of a human becoming married with a Vulcan through marriage bonds was almost laughable. Humans didn't live that long as Vulcans did and it would be a fools errand to bond with them. Because if a Vulcan and human bonded, if one of them died then it would surely spell doom for the other unless they went to a healer and treated the bond by severing it. It was the equivalent to a Vulcan marriage-divorce through the means of the mind.

"This human has engaged in a marriage bond." The healer said.

There was a pause between the two Vulcans.

"And his mate?" Sarek asked.

The healer sighed.

"I was about to ask if he talked about his mate." The healer said,

"He was very. . . Unwell," Sarek said. "He had no idea when and where he was."

Jim's eyes struggled to open.

"He must not think about his bond and his mates identity, his mate may believe he is dead."

"That wouldn't be easy for a human."

"Sarek, this is a first for Vulcan to marry a human in this way. You haven't done a marriage bond with your wife, right?"

"I have not," Sarek said. "For her safety."

Jim's eyes opened.

"Sarek . . ." Jim muttered. "That name is familiar."

"Coincidence?" The healer asked.

"Coincidence," Sarek asked. "I am well known for my marriage with Amanda."

Amanda Grayson. . .

A familiar phrase came into his mind.

Sarek . . son of Skon. . . Skon son of Solkar. . .

"I have,and always will be, yours."

The first syllable was on his tongue and then it escaped.

Instead, another memory came to.


Who was Khan?

"What happened?" Jim asked.

"You fell into deep trance. You were in your mind, deeply, searching, for memories that are not there. Your transport will be here." The healer turned his attention toward Sarek. "Tell him and make it very clear."

The healer went out of the room.

"That I have a broken bond?"

"Mr. . ."


Sarek raised a eyebrow.

"No last name?" Sarek asked.

"I do have one, but. . . I have no memory of it." Jim said.

Sarek lowered his eyebrow.

"Jim. . . If you continue think more about your Vulcan mate, you will get so deep within your mind that you will never wake up and never come out. You will be stuck in a comatose state searching for what is not there and what has chosen to not be connected to you," Sarek explained. "It spells your death."

Jim sighed.

"It's important for me to know who was so important to me," Jim said. "I feel a sense of debt with him."

"You feel that you owe a Vulcan?" Sarek asked.

"Yes." Jim said.

"Then you don't owe this Vulcan if he or she ended the marriage. Your logic is invalid."

"I have a feeling this Vulcan is a he."

"A. . . he."


"I will put this lightly: if you value your life, you mustn't think of him. Do it for him. It is likely he did not intend to hurt you with a dissolved marriage bond."

Jim's eyes lowered.

"Thank you for the consideration . . . " Jim said. Then he turned his eyes toward Sarek. "What's the kid's name?"

"His name is Spock." Sarek asked.

Jim lowered his head.

"Jim? JIM!" It was like a male voice that sounded younger than him. The voice was someone . . . very close to him. It hurt Jim that he didn't have the faintest idea who Spock was and why he was connected--wait a second. His spouse was born this year. His spouse is Spock. Spock. But what did he look like when he had known him? The image failed to come up. The voice sounded like it came over a communicator. A communicator is a small device that acted much as a radio and tracker, a earliest relative of the combadge. The golden arrow object he had in his pocket.

So Jim raised his head up with a smile.

"Nice name for a kid." Jim said.

"He is named after Vulcan's early society builders." Sarek said.

Jim knew all that he needed to know about Spock for now.

"He is going to wear that name well." Jim said.,

His Spock.

"I am confused, how does one wear a name like a garment?" Sarek asked.

One foot in the door of humanity and the other in the Vulcan way.

"He will do many, many . . and I am sure of this. . . many extraordinary things," Jim said. "Make history so to speak."

And Spock loved Jim enough to have a Vulcan marriage.

But why. . . why dissolve their marriage?

"How are you so sure about that?" Sarek asked.

"Spock sounds like one of those great names," Jim said. "One of the greats."

Sarek raised a eyebrow then he lowered it.

"Your shuttle will be here in two hours," Sarek said. "Live long and prosper."

Jim raised his hand then made the Vulcan gesture, a familiar sign, one he knew all to well.

"Live long and prosper, Ambassador." Jim said.

Sarek left the room.

Jim lowered his hand.

"Earth . . ." Jim said. "It now seems so alien to me."

Sarek had appeared to be different as did Amanda.

One theory; he is in a Alternate Universe with key differences.

Second theory; he has some brain trauma.

But that second theory is not logical so that means theory one is the most logical one. Brain trauma cannot change the memory but it can change the hair color of a person in some cases. What was Jim once a captain of? He solved the identity of his spouse. Now the rest of his life had to be pieced together while he is stuck in a alternate universe some decades in the past.



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