Out of the woods

Wake up with a terrible memory in 2230. Find yourself on Vulcan. And here's the kicker: imagine if that you are that guy who's from the future. A admiral. This is a story how amnesia can be overcome, how some obstacles can be challenged and overcome with, and how sometimes you can do the difficult things just for someone you care about. When pieces of the puzzle come together . . . realization hits. This man with amnesia calls himself 'Jim'.


9. Heard

. . . January 1st, 2234. . .

"Today marks the forth year since Spock was born." Sybok said.

"Since you don't eat normal cake . . . I made a salad shaped like a cake." Jim said.

Sybok stared long and hard at the wet circular item laid on a plate that was circular.

"How . . . how. . how. . ." Sybok said.

"Federation credits your father has been sending me and using a cookbook to keep the vegetables fresh," Jim said. "Speaking of which . . . Your father was supposed to call late last night in the family room. Did you and your brother be able to participate in it?" It was quite interesting to see them interact, let alone Sybok and Sarek. "Did it go south or north?"

"Conversations cannot go directions." Sybok said.

Jim sighed.

"I meant: how was it?" Jim asked.

"Unfavorable." Sybok said, dully.

Sarek hadn't video chatted with Jim since December 21st. Sarek probably believed Sybok and Spock were in safe hands. Jim raised a eyebrow with a "Huh?" as though he did not expect it. He expected them to get along like a pair of clones meeting for the first time. Then Jim heard cries. Spock's cries. Jim went out of the kitchen to Spock's bedroom leaving Sybok behind.

"I am coming, Commander!" Jim shouted.


. . . December 31st. . . .

. . . 2233 . . .

The conversation between father and sons began rather peaceful at first. The two boys were sitting down on the couch playing with their fingers. They were like a bunch of lightning rods. Sybok raved about how Jim was being a nanny. And Spock? He calmly explained the fictional bed time stories that Jim has been telling him have been bordering on the 'verge of realism,' and 'sound plausible if it were studied in reality'. Sybok stared at the calm three year old who's speaking was different for his age.

Sybok rubbed his jaw then returned his attention to the screen.

"I have heard about what you did two weeks ago." Sarek said.

"I apologized afterwards." Sybok said.

"Sybok, I told you to end this pain healing and I request you reconsider your logic." Sarek said.

"Pure logic is boring and it is quite . . . What is it? Quite dull." Sybok said.

"Don't say that Surak's teachings." Sarek said.

"I can say whatever I want and sticking strictly to logic is going to be our doom." Sybok said,

"It won't be, Sybok, logic is what kept us together. If we go back to those ways . . ." Sarek said. "If you continue this then you will be exiled off Vulcan and I will not be able to help you."

"It is against the Vulcan way to embrace our emotions?" Sybok said. "Then I will be the one to start a revolution, and there is nothing you can do about it!"

Sybok stormed out of the room.

"Sarek," Spock said. "How has mother been?"


Jim came back out of the room holding up Spock by his sides away from himself.

"Commander, we have a emergency hazard." Jim said.

"I am not a emergency hazard, captain!" Spock said.

"Your pants are." Jim said.

Sybok smiled, shaking his head.

"Sybok, is there extra packages of soap?" Came Jim's voice from the restroom.

"Affirmative!" Sybok said.

"Where!" Jim asked.

"In the basement, sir!" Sybok said.

"And get some new boxers for Spock. Get, them, please!" Jim said.

Sybok retrieved the bar of soap and the new pairs of clothes for his little brother. When he came into the restroom, Jim had ran the tub and had little Spock sitting there. Jim held his hand out expecteding for the bar of soap which Sybok handed. Spock had a stoic face as Jim started to wash him. Thirty-two minutes later Spock had shown only the emotion of grouchiness.

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