Out of the woods

Wake up with a terrible memory in 2230. Find yourself on Vulcan. And here's the kicker: imagine if that you are that guy who's from the future. A admiral. This is a story how amnesia can be overcome, how some obstacles can be challenged and overcome with, and how sometimes you can do the difficult things just for someone you care about. When pieces of the puzzle come together . . . realization hits. This man with amnesia calls himself 'Jim'.


14. Found

. . . 2258. . .

Thankfully for being a man in a comatose like state for a good twenty some years, they don't feel pain and they feel at peace. They relive memories. What memories did Jim relive? Some of them involved women but a majority of them involved his Spock. His missions off and on his ship. These memories were returning memories. He didn't remember the names of the other people. Jim remembered more of his quarters, the transporter room, sick bay, engineering, and the bridge to name a few.

Something cold and square met Jim's skin then came out.

"Lieutenant Commander, we are not suppose to wake up these people until we come back with back up!" Came a gruff voice.

Jim's eyes adjusted to the scenery.

"Lieutentant," Came a familiar voice that was monotone and smooth. "I am obligated to do this."

"Why, Mr Spock?" The gruff voiced man asked.

Selek is Spock?

Jim's eyes became better and clear as the familiar face came over.

He still did not remind Jim of his Spock. There was . . . something missing. It was . . . the eyebrows? Maybe not. Definitely not the eyebrows. Something about the face didn't seem to fit the blurry face he saw in his memories. He recognized the Vulcan as Spock, the young boy he had been there for six years. The young boy who was by his side when he shoved him to the side and took what was meant for the Vulcan. He felt something cold and hard slip into his palm then some hands force his fingers over the item.

"Spock, is that you?" Jim said.

After reliving his memories for so long, Jim was quite startled hearing his own voice.


Pause between words.

"Affirmative." Spock said.

A memory of a Vulcan with a goatee came into his head. It was like a vague scratch of the mystery as to what his Spock appeared. The pain in his legs were gone. Sybok, Sarek, Amanda, Spock, Bones, John, Dorian, and Sam . . . and other people he has met. He could list a hundred names but not the names of the few people he served with for forty some years. It was quite sad having amnesia. There was footsteps coming in their direction. Spock looked over to some man's direction then back toward Jim. Spock's voice sounded nothing like the voice he had heard for forty years.

Speaking of which . . . Chekov.

He remembered another name.

That was another milestone.

Jim saw a unfamiliar memory of a young man in a yellow on the dirt with a holster wrapped around his side and a woman by his side. He had a football sized set of brown hair. He was Russian. He adored Russia. Bones was knelt by his side placing his two fingers along the young man's neck. Bones froze then he looked toward Jim with a sad expression about his face, saying, "He's dead, Jim."

"We will be right back, Admiral." Spock said.

"How do you know I am an Admiral?" Jim asked.

"You are shitting me!" The gruff voiced man whispered back.

Spock vanished out of Jim's line of sight. His legs felt so . . . numb. His back was relatively stiff.

"Damn it, Jim," He could recall Bones. "You have been laying down for so long your legs can't move."

"Ah hell." Jim said.

"When Vulcans have that problem, we try to work out our body parts and rehabilitate them." Spock Prime said.

"At least there's one similarity with Vulcans and humanity!" Bones said. "We all need rehab!"

Jim could recall laughing at that comment.

Like he referred to it, his golden years.

"Patient zero is going to lead Star Fleet to us." Came a New Jersey accent.

Jim closed his eyes.

"Damn it, it was your job, Philips, to kill him!" Came another man with a Iowan like accent. "One simple job!"

Who was patient zero?

"I tried!" Philips, the guy from New Jersey, said.

"Oh, like sending in some professional star fleet officers and instead get transferred to a science unit where he will do unspeakable evil." The Iowan said.

"I didn't expect that to happen." Philips said.

"You didn't expect the grim reaper to come out of the dead and rip him to pieces, didn't you?" The Iowan said, walking toward a machine.

"The reaper is just a myth to not mess with genetic structure." Philips said.

"Look Philips," The Iowan said. "If he doesn't find us before they do, we are screwed royally and he will kill us in such a manner we will not know we were dead!"

"Come on, Hank, he's just a warning tale," Philips said. "He died two hundred some years ago."

"They never found his body in the Union Aerospace Corporation." The Iowan said.

"Just because everyone connected to Olduvia and the UAC died under mysterious circumstance does not mean we have a assassin on our tracks."

"They never found John and Sam's bodies." The Iowan said.

"So?" Philips said.

"If Star Fleet finds us and get us, it will make it just that more easy for John to KILL US!" The Iowan said.

"If you valued your life, why did you continue to test the C-24 on inmates and get the same damn results?" Philips asked.

"Because we have to try in the benefit for the lives of others." The Iowan said.

"Oh, and when this fails, what else do we do?" Philips said.

"We work on making killer superhuman animals." The Iowan said.

"God no." Philips said.

"God yes, they will one day become integrated into our society and will be valued as prized individuals." The Iowan said.

"You sound more mad than John Hammond." Philips said.

"John Hammond is a fictional character who was focused on dinosaurs," The Iowan said. "He was in the wrong field." He went over to a table. "I have a interest in this that is more important your little 'morals'." Philips frowned. "And by the way, I want you to get him off our fucking tail. Get rid of the evidence."

"That is going to be a little difficult with your on air confession of abducting prison inmates and using them on a serum that has since become a illegal and catastrophic threat," Came Spock's voice. "We strongly recommend you do not raise alarms and if you value your lives over the death of others you will make an announcement to cease operations."

There was a growl.

"Oh hell no!"



The table flipped over and there was a dog like growl. Jim opened his eyes to see the feet of a dragon like beast with chunks of shoe parts dangling of the scale and the talons. Phaser fire was imminent. A man screamed running down the hall. Jim heard Spock make a familiar request that wasn't familiar but at the same time it was, "Spock to Talon, one to beam up!" His scenery around him changed to a perfectly white interior much like a hospital room. He felt something small in his throat that was cold and metal like. It is definitely not something he would want to eat, if ever. How did that land in his throat?

Oh great.

Jim has to puke.

Jim turned over and puked out what he had.




Jim squinted his eyes at the three small bent and twisted pieces of metal. All of which used to be bullets. A machine whizzed over cleaning up the space and got rid of the liquid. A doctor in blue scrubs came over with hair that had some blue highlights. He took out a circular item that had a handle similar to a magnifying glass then he came to the side of the biobed as the machine whizzed away. The doctor scanned Jim with the item that made a unusual ringing sound. He could hear heart beats.

"Ooh my god," The doctor said, lowering the tricorder. "You are perfectly healthy."

"What year is it?" Jim asked.

"2255." The doctor said.

"Wait . . . I have been out for sixteen years?" Jim asked.

"Yes, sir," The doctor said. "You still look sixty-eight."

Jim wanted to correct the doctor that he still looked sixty.

Not sixty-eight.

His hands were wrapped around the golden arrow. No wonder Q gave the item to him. It made sense. Whatever Q injected into him could possibly work on Spock and if he were to become some form of zombie because it went terribly wrong then Jim will have to do it. Jim will have to kill the Vulcan who he loved the most in his life. The one who he still could not remember his face. In his memory, the Vulcan's face was a blur kind of like in a fast paced action sequence. It pained Jim not to remember.

He didn't feel numbness in his legs or his back.

Great. All he needed was adrenaline because he hadn't moved for so long. Who was Trelane? What was Trelane? He might be celestial as Q referred to himself as a former celestial being. Jim wouldn't be surprised if he were popular among the godly beings. It wouldn't be a surprise if they disapproved one of their own helping him and kicking their own out after aiding him. He had to do some research about this Olduvia and this duo called Sam and John. Not the two he was thinking about. No. Not quite possible. John wasn't that kind of man.

"May I have a padd?" Jim asked.

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