Out of the woods

Wake up with a terrible memory in 2230. Find yourself on Vulcan. And here's the kicker: imagine if that you are that guy who's from the future. A admiral. This is a story how amnesia can be overcome, how some obstacles can be challenged and overcome with, and how sometimes you can do the difficult things just for someone you care about. When pieces of the puzzle come together . . . realization hits. This man with amnesia calls himself 'Jim'.


10. Fathers

"Spock, what is it?" Jim asked, as his old friend watched the Guardian of Forever displaying images.

"I just saw my father." Spock Prime said.

Jim raised an eyebrow.

"When?" Jim said.

"In the time of Surak." Spock Prime said.

"But your father wasn't around Surak." Jim said.

"That is correct," Spock Prime said. "It seems Surak and Sarek are the same person." He was stoic, soaking in the information. "I must know how this is possible. We last saw Surak, younger, and he looked nothing like my father back then. How is this possible?" Spock looked over to Jim, deeply troubled. "I recognize that old Vulcan anywhere. That is not Surak. That Vulcan is my father."


. . . 2237 . . .

. . . Vulcan. . .May 1st. . .6:00 AM. . .

Jim awoke from his dream.

Spock was now seven years old and enrolled into school. Sybok was thirteen years old and he was getting into more trouble. Spock was a adorable cute Vulcan. Jim? Sixty-seven. Strangely, Jim did not look over sixty-eight for some odd reason. Spock had a familiar face but he couldn't figure out why and how it was so familiar. It was so familiar but it was not. Spock reminded himself everyday watching the little toddler grow up into a young boy that this was not his Spock.

Three years until Sarek returned with his wife Amanda Grayson.

Living among Vulcans has left him with becoming a vegetarian.

He looked over toward the alarm clock that read 6:00 AM.

Honestly, Jim looked forward to the day he left Vulcan and returned to Earth. He hadn't visited Iowa in a long, long time. Too long in fact. Over the years raising Sybok and Spock on Vulcan Jim slowly regained his memories regarding several missions. One of which involved Polywater intoxication. The man who fenced was shirtless parading around the ship with a sword, Spock making an admission that he was ashamed to be his friend (Which Jim knew wasn't true), and many crew members having sex to name a few. He couldn't remember names other than Spock and Bones. Bones sounded a lot like a nickname. Jim could picture the face of a much older man with graying brown hair, blue scrubs, and a wedding ring.

The guardian of forever was a gigantic doughnut set in the middle of no where.

Bones one time went mad due to a injection he accidentally administered to himself and went into the past. Where he saved the life of Edith Keeler and caused the entire time stream to be messed up starting from 1960's. He knew this because he specifically lost contact with his ship and no ship was above the planet. The Guardian of Forever was a object capable of drifting anyone to any time. A time machine, basically. It was quite a mystery to who created him and why he was left there. Edith Keeler was a woman that Jim otherwise fell for and someone he had to watch die by preventing Bones from saving her life. He could feel deep sorrow.

"Do you know what you've done? I could have saved her, Jim!" Bones said, as Jim stared in the direction of the dead woman.

"He knows, he knows too well." Spock Prime replied.

Time to wake up the boys.

Sarek had told Jim about Kahs-wan. Spock was scheduled to take it in the month of Tasmeen and it required ten days without anything for that matter in Vulcan's forge. Though Spock was insisting he could do it on his own and preferred to have the rite of passage early, a month earlier. There was nothing special about sending the young Vulcans off to what could be their doom or their most prized experience. Sarek had also explained not many young Vulcans survived this ordeal and it left some of their arranged bondings over but mostly the families grieved together and arranged another bonding after their period of grief was over.

Jim knew that Spock would survive this.

Spock could just about survive anything, save for radiation.

Jim could see the faint memory of a Vulcan leaned against a glass, weak, and miserable. He could feel such hurt coming from the older Vulcan who's face could not be seen. Jim approached the glass seeing his beloved dying. He put his hands on the glass, muttering, "Spock." He couldn't see the face, yet. He could see the wrinkles on the older Vulcan's hand. He was older and so was Jim but younger than Spock by a couple years.

"How is the ship?" Spock Prime asked.

"Fine. . ." Jim said. "Khan is dead."

Jim finished his shower then got dressed.

"I have . . and always will be. . . your friend. . ."

The hand slid down on the glass.

Jim approached Sybok's room.

"Sybook, waakkee up!" Jim sang.

Sybok tugged the blanked over his head.

"Not time yet!" Sybok said.

"It is always daylight on Vulcan and it is your time to be up and about," Jim said. "Don't make me sing the Barney song."

Sybok fell out of bed.

"I am up, I am up, I am up!" Sybok said.

Jim laughed shaking his head then he went to Spock's room. There, he saw the old Sehlat snuggled below the bed. The younger Sehlat was given to Sybok a few years ago and it went missing. Jim always wondered what happened to it. This is I-Chaya, Sarek's Sehlat, who was brought over in its place. I-Chaya loved the little Vulcan as they shared a strong companion bond. The old I-Chaya raised his head up wagging his furry tail back and forth with his tongue sticking out like a dog. This was a beloved pet that had, under the circumstance, befriended Jim.

I-Chaya stood up then dragged Spock out of bed.

"Morning, I-Chaya." Spock said.

"Today is the daaaayyyy!" Jim sang.

"Singing is illogical." Spock said.

Jim had his bright face as Spock helped himself up.

"It is a bright occasion for you, Mr Spock." Jim said.

Spock's face was emotionless.

"My rite of passage." Spock said.

"The one you have insisted on going earlier, yes, that." Jim said.

Jim went to the kitchen and prepared breakfast for Sybok and himself. Spock and Sybok went to the bathroom to get prepared for the day. Jim wasn't making breakfast for Spock had clearly insisted he would start the rite of the passage at the house and then at Vulcan's forge. Jim believed it was cruel to allow a child to go alone to somewhere without a parent but this was Vulcans he was living with for the past several years. Thirty-two minutes later Sybok came to the table where his breakfast was sitting.

"Where is Spock?" Jim asked.

"He already left, Mr Kirk, ten minutes ago." Sybok said.

"And I-Chaya?" Jim asked.

"With Spock." Sybok said.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"I'll get that." Jim said.

"We are not expecting visitors." Sybok said.

Jim went to the door then turned the knob and oepned the door to see a familiar man with pointy ears, well trimmed hair, and brown eyes. He had a stoic emotionless face and he raised an eyebrow at Jim. Jim raised an eyebrow at him. Who the hell is this guy?, Jim thought, I never seen him before. The Vulcan reminded Jim of Spock but more of an adult than a child. The Vulcan had a purple strap along his shoulder attached to a bag. He saw a black and blue uniform poking out. The Vulcan lowered his eyebrow.

"Hello, I am Selek." Selek introduced himself.

Jim lowered his eyebrow.

"Nice name, Salek," Jim held his hand out. "Family relative?"

"I do not shake hands." Selek said.

"Oh, right." Jim lowered his hand.

"I am the son of T'Pel and Sasak, Sasak is a distant cousin of Sarek." Selek said.

"How did you find yourself here?" Jim asked.

"I wanted to meet my cousins who I never met before." Selek said.

"Ah, you just missed one of your cousins," Jim said. "He is on his rite of passage."

"That early?" Selek asked, sounding surprised.

Which was unusual since Vulcans did not show emotions.

"Yes," Jim said. "And I didn't introduce myself. The name is Jim Kirk."

"Interesting name," Selek said. "Have you met your mate?"

"No . . . But I do miss him. I wish I remembered everything about him. Can't think about him too much, because if I do, there's no coming back," Jim sounded sad then he raised a eyebrow at Selek. "Is my story that well known?" Selek nodded. Jim lowered an eyebrow. "Go figure." The Vulcan raised his eyebrow. "It is a phrase."

Selek had a 'ooh' as though he understood.

"Ah, I see." Selek said.

"If you want to meet up with your cousin, just make sure you don't frighten I-chaya," Jim said. "Just a word of advice."

Selek nodded.

"You will remember him one day," Selek said, then held his hand up. "Live long and prosper."

The strange Vulcan turned away and went in the opposite direction of the house.

"Who was it?" Sybok asked.

"Long lost cousin of Spock's." Jim replied shutting the door behind him.


. . . Ten days later. . .

. . . Vulcan . . . 12:49 AM. . .

Most Vulcans were asleep that night, except for Sybok and Jim, they were waiting for Spock. Spock was supposed to be here after the tenth day. Sybok reasoned that Spock would come at 1:00 AM in the morning rather than straight forward in the hours when Jim and Sybok were awake. Jim found himself pacing back and forth, concerned, but mostly worried for the young Vulcan.




Jim looked over to Sybok with a grin and he stopped pacing.

"Hide under the couch," Jim said. "We are going to surprise your brother."

"Surprising him is going to be 'illogical'." Sybok said.

"Have some fun in what Spock will warmly remember from his childhood." Jim said.

". . . He will be happy?" Sybok said.

"Of course, he will!" Jim said. "One day he will need to cherish these memories."

"Okay, that will be worth it." Sybok said.

Sybok hid under the couch as the knocking repeated.

"Come in!" Jim said.

The door creaked open.

And suddenly there was a dark atmosphere about the building. Time almost felt like it froze as the dark figures started to head in. There was a heavy feeling traveling in following the deep and very likely sinister threat. In came what was apparently masked Romulans. Jim was frozen in where he stood. His eyes tracking the five Romulan'ish figures who were not much the same height of a Vulcan. He assumed they were Romulans as it was a convenient time to attack for them and that they knew the sleeping pattern of Vulcans.

"Where is the children of Sarek?"

"There are no children here."

"You are the care taker of the children of Sarek. Where. are. they?"

"I don't know who are you talking about! There is no children here! I am staying here because Sarek needs some-one to house sit for him! If there were children here wouldn't I know already? If I knew they were here wouldn't I be armed?" He glared at the leading Romulan. The other Romulans were sharing glances which were likely puzzled. "Think about it."

The leading Romulan growled.

"I have thought about this mission for weeks and scouted the household for months," The leading Romulan said. "This is the house of Sarek and you will tell us where the children are."

"There are no children in the house," Jim lied. "I am not sure if you are in the right house at all."

"Sarek cannot have brought his children aboard for a lengthy mission." The second Romulan said.

"They follow tradition and makes them a much easier target." The third Romulans said.

"They are not for shooting practice." Jim said.

"Do you value their lives over yours?" The leading Romulan held their phaser up straight at Jim's chest. "Do you?"

"I value the lives of children over mine," Jim said. "I would do anything to protect them."

"Too bad," The third Romulan said. "You would have made a great spot light for the loss of two Vulcans."

The leading Romulan shot three times into Jim's chest.

Jim collapsed to the floor.

"Let's go." The forth Romulan said.

The leading Romulan took out a communicator.

"Five to beam up." The leading Romulan said.

They all vanished in a golden light.

"Jamie!" Sybok shouted, crawling from under the couch.

Spock had taken the long path back to the home. The sunlight was beating on his skin and he did not sweat. Spock knew what he wanted to do and that was follow the teachings of Surak to the letter. He could see the door to the house was halfway open and he could hear the cries of his older brother. Which was odd because his older brother rarely did cry. Something had happened inside the house. Spock had lost his father's pet, I-Chaya, and his life was saved by his cousin Selek.

Spock walked into the apartment then into the living room where he saw a body on the floor and Sybok was shaking him.

"Jamie!" Sybok said. "Please wake up." He put his fingers in the respective places as though attempting for a mind meld but he was grabbed back by Spock. "I could save him!"

"You cannot," Spock said. "If you tried, you would go with him."

There was blood on the rug.

"He. . . he protected me." Sybok said.

Spock scanned his brother.

"From whom?" Spock said.

"I don't know," Sybok said. "He . . ." His eyes were watery. "We were going to surprise you and I hid under the couch."

"That would be called frightening, Sybok." Spock said.

"We need to. . ." Spock guided his brother down to the couch as he kept his cool. "We need to tell the healers."

Spock looked over toward the unresponsive body.

"Healers cannot heal him," Spock said. "He is. . ." Spock came down to the old man's side. "Identity meld." He looked up toward Sybok. "We can at least do a favor for him by finding his identity."

"Over his dead body?" Sybok said. "That is disgusting."

"It is logical." Spock said, then he placed his fingers in their respective places for the identity meld. "I sense a mind." His eyes were closed. "It is puzzling, as death means the mind goes somewhere beyond and leaves what shell it used to inhabit. This mind . . .It goes by the name Jim Kirk." He squeezed his fingers. "I am. . . unable to . . ." He opened his eyes. "To find his identity."

"You just said that he is still alive." Sybok said.

"I did." Spock said.

"But he is dead." Sybok said.

"Help me put Jim on the couch." Spock said.


"Guardian." Spock Prime said.

"Yes." Came the big doughnut.

"I would like to experience the moment my father jumped in time." Spock Prime said.

"The moment is part of a shared experience that leads to the moment." The guardian said.

"I would like to go." Spock Prime said.

"You cannot interfere with history." Guardian said.

"But we are to observe, are we not?" Jim asked.

"That is correct." The Guardian said.

"I will go with him to ensure that history is not changed by what my commander does." Jim said.

"Jim. . ." Spock Prime said.

"You need someone to watch your six and I am the only one here who is liable to do that." Jim said.

"That is true." Spock Prime said.

"Fine," The guardian said. "It will take a few moments, but . . . I can get you there. Once the moment has transpired you will be returned to your own time." The two nodded. "Wait for me to give the word."

Spock and Jim's hands interlaced together, waiting, for five minutes.

"Go." The guardian said.

The two jumped in together. They landed in the transporter room. Jim landed first and Spock landed on Jim's back. The two slowly got up to see a dark interior that they hadn't seen before. They were surrounded by security officers holding their phasers up in their direction. Jim smirked, muttering "Why that is a familiar situation." as he held his hands up and Spock joined adding, "Very familiar."

The two were escorted to the brig.

"Isn't it strange how everyone looks at you?"

"I do not notice."

"Spock, they look at you like you are some Romulan."

"Shut up, traitors."

Jim stopped in his tracks.

"Wait a second, what?"

The blonde woman turned in his direction with eyes flaring and her hand on her phaser.

"Traitor." The blonde woman said.

The word cut through Jim's heart like a dagger. A insult to his service in Star Fleet. There were people running down the halls going to different locations in the ship. It was like they were in constant battle ready mode. Spock took the hand of Jim. Jim looked over toward Spock. Spock nodded toward his captain.

Jim turned his head toward the blond, fueled by rage, and anger.

"Who do you think you are calling me a traitor when you are wearing that uniform?" Jim asked. "I am not the one betraying the federation. In fact, my friend Spock is not the one you should be worried about." Spock had his gaze fixated on his captain. "It should be me, really, because there are so many things that are screwed up."

"Spock . . ." The woman said. "Half breed?"

"I protest against that name." Spock Prime said.


"Lieutentant Yar," Came a familiar older voice. "What is holding you up with the prisoners?" There was a bald man heading her direction. "We have sight of a Vulcan and a so called 'archaeological' dig on the planet surface." Jim stared at the man. He was taking in all the details of this man in a dark red and black uniform with a phaser in a holster.

Spock leaned to Jim's side and whispered into his ear.

"I believe we in the moment leading to the moment." Spock Prime said.

"What is this ship?" Jim asked.

"A warship," The captain said. Then he paused seeing Spock. "I saw you die myself on a Romulan-Vulcan ship fighting my ship,Captain Spock. Send him to the interrogation room."

"That's my first officer!" Jim said.

"Now, he isn't." The captain said.

"Who do you think you are?" Jim said.

"Captain Picard." The captain said.

Picard . . . Jean-Luc Picard.

Images of a 20th century small bridge falling came into Jim's head with him on it. It was confusing to see this in a memory. Jim scowled as he was escorted from his first officer, and also technically his mate. He was taken into a ride room with a unusual structure of it being different to his ship. Like the one time Charlie Evans had caused mayhem and so he was locked up in the brig. The brig was black, all of it, black. The red light was what brightened it up. It had one metal bed, a placement for three people to sit on, and there were bricks with cracks in them.

Jim couldn't believe what he had gotten himself into.

He was alone in the room for thirty-two minutes.

Jim saw a slowly walking older Vulcan come into the room.

The Vulcan stopped in his tracks staring at Jim. His hair had turned from black to gray. There were two security guards behind him. One security guard lowered the force field. Jim was sitting down on the edge of the bed watching Sarek in awe. So that is what Spock Prime may look like when he got older. The force field closed behind the much older Vulcan returning to its bright red shade. It was so unlike the electrical powered shield that wasn't so obvious when coming up to it and attempting to get out.

"Sarek?" Jim said.

It was Sarek, all right.

"Captain Kirk," Sarek Prime said. "You should be dead."

Jim didn't seem all that surprised.

"How far did we go?" Jim asked.

"2369." Sarak Pprime said.

"One hundred years . . ." Jim said. "Sarek, Spock is here."

Sarek stared a hole through Jim's forehead.

"No," Sarek Prime said. "He is on Romulus. . ."

"I heard he died," Jim said. "Funny thing. A living Spock in the universe where he died, supposedly, by a federation starship."

"You went in the Guardian of Forever, twice." Sarek said.

"Yes, only for observing." Jim said.

"Why did you come here?" Sarek Prime said.

Jim held his hands together.

"We are here to observe," Jim said. "Sarek . . .are you aware that Spock and I are married?"

"It was a great loss for my son when you died," Sarek Prime said. "So yes, I was aware. Spock told me the news one day,two hours, and thirty-two minutes after the marriage bonding was made." He looked at Jim with fondness in his eyes. "He really loved you."

Jim smiled.

"Spock really cares about you," Jim started, with his usual staccato delivery. "And I suspect you already knew that, but he is concerned about you regarding a event that I will not disclose."

Sarek nodded.

"It is only logical." Sarek Prime said.

"Huh?" Jim said.

"I become Surak," Sarek Prime said. "He was killed in his time before his duties were completed and so the entire race of Vulcans have become unbalanced, illogical,cruel, and joined with Romulans. I cannot believe this is a ship of war." He looked down toward his hands. "Captain . . . How do you manage to convince people that you are harmless when they refuse to believe?"

"I believe they follow their heart." Jim said.

In walked Captain Picard to the room with a scowl on his face.

"You are in a uniform that has since passed," Captain Picard said. "If I believe you are who you are."

"Call me Observer if you'll like," Jim said. "Or Jim, preferably."

"Kirk." Sarek said, alarmed.

Jim saw his hands were vanishing.

"That's new," Jim said, then he turned his head toward Sarek. "Tell him."

"I will." Sarek Prime said.

Jim vanished into thin air.


"Where is his wound?" Spock asked.

"I swear he was fired at by a phaser of some sort. A Disruptor. You saw the hole as clearly as I did!" Sybok replied.

Voices of children, confused, and most likely uncertain what to do.

"What hole."

"Oh my god."

"This is illogical."

"Brother, he just came back from the dead."

"There must be a logical answer."

Jim's eyes fluttered open to see the brown cieling. He could feel a pain in his chest.

"You saw how it healed."

"That took five hours."

"We saw a miracle, his heart repaired itself, and that was . . . That was awesome!"

"What is not awesome as the rug needs to be replaced and father will need to hear of this." Spock said.

Jim got upright hearing his heart beat. He then noticed sounds he hadn't heard before. A pair of heart beats. He could hear his heart which was odd. Wait, that sound he had heard a lot made sense. This was the sound. Hearts! He had been hearing hearts. Distinctive heart beats. The mystery of the unknown heart beats was solved. Somehow his hearing had become enhanced.

"I want to tell your father for myself," Jim said. "When he gets back." He clenched at his chest. "Owch." Jim looked over to see the rug folded up laid beside the table leg. "I got an idea."

"We tell father." Spock said.

"No, we use the laundry machine to get rid of the dirt and put it back," Jim said, getting up. "And I need a new shirt. Definetly Romulans." He used the table as his support. "This never. . . happened before." He got upright seeing the concerned look on Sybok's face. "I am perfectly, fine, just need to . . ." He looked over toward the couch where there was a circular puddle of blood. "Damn, this is going to be difficult."

"We must tell father." Spock said, firmly, as Jim went into the guest room.

"Brother," Sybok said, putting one hand on Spock's shoulder then he waited until Jim was out of ear shot. "Mr Kirk doesn't remember a thing and it if turns out that he was part of some tragic event that could spell certain disaster, do you want to be part of it?"

Spock nodded.

"Logically," Spock said. "I must be part of it. I have sent a DNA sample of Jim to Star Fleet."

"And?" Sybok asked.

"No DNA match." Spock said.

"What?" Sybok asked, eyebrows raised.

"He didn't match anything, they checked and rechecked," Spock said. "I am fairly certain there is some technicality regarding his DNA test."

"What is your theory." Sybok said.

"I do not have enough evidence to provide a sound theory." Spock said.

"Try me." Sybok said.

"Jim is from the future." Spock said,

Sybok raised an eyebrow.

"State your evidence." Sybok said.

"He talked about Klingons becoming semi-peaceful with the federation and how he foiled a assassination plot." Spock said.

Sybok lowered an eyebrow.

"That was a story." Sybok said.

"But the parts he has been remembering these few years seem too realistic to be fictional. He has lived it." Spock said.

"And why do you suppose he calls you Commander?" Sybok asked.

"He served with a Spock, not some Vulcan like me." Spock said.

"Somehow I doubt that." Sybok said.

Jim rummaged through the shirts on hangars, door closed, in the secluded guest room. Jim didn't have much to live with, just with a golden combadge, clothes, a few pictures, and a couple belongings that were made by Spock for him. Jim picked a shirt, took off the old one,and then put on his refreshing new shirt. He dumped the old shirt into the recycling. Jim sat down on the bed rubbing the side of his forehead. He remembered seeing a needle. He remembered hearing a unfamiliar voice.

"You can't die right now, you old fool." Came a younger voice.

"Who are you again?" Jim asked, barely hanging on.

"Why that is very rude of you. Forgetting someone who's been helping you out of the nexus this entire time!" The man said.

"I don't know who you are." Jim said.n

"Yes, the hell you do. Listen to me, human . . . You have some one significant waiting for you and you better sit still while this baby does its purpose!" The man injected him into the arm. "Trust me . . . " The man looked at him in sincere. "I know you are not going to kill me. The universe knows you. I know you. Spock knows you. . . You are Admiral Jim," The face was distinctive. He had brown hair that was graying at the sides. "And you are going to find your lovesick mate."

The man took the needle out after the contents emptied into the blood stream.

He felt unusually tired and unwell.

"W. . .Who. . . who are you?" Jim asked.

The man tossed the needle over his shoulder.

He pried open the combadge then placed a small item into it and clicked it shut putting it into Jim's right hand and made his chubby fingers wrap around the object.

"Former celestial being." The man said,

"Your name. . . seriously." Jim said.

They heard snarls.

The man looked over his shoulder then back toward Jim.

"Q," The man said. "I am just doing this because you made a impression on my son."

"Trelane." Jim said.

"And I am also doing this because I have nothing else to do in this universe . . ." Q said. "Remember, you are the reason why I was kicked out."

"For saving me?" Jim asked.

"Precisely." Q said.

"That has some heart to it." Jim said.

"Aw stop, you are making me sound like a puppy." Q said.

Q walked over to the machine consoles. Jim noticed he was on a metal board of some kind. He saw the door being punched by some force. Q was rattling off about something, mostly how the trip will be and how fast he would be landing of some kind. In his voice was some form of urgency and fear. He pulled down a leveler then looked toward Jim with a serious face. It was the grim kind. The door was forced open. Q grabbed a pipe.

"Over my dead vessel do you intervene!" Q shouted then he stabbed the long pipe into the beasts collar.

The beast roared slashing its large gigantic claws at the man.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Q said, stepping back. "All eyes on me!"

Three more beasts came into the room as there was a bright light consuming the room.

"Q. . ." Jim said.

"And don't worry!" Q shouted back. "You are never going to die. Your most life threatening injuries are gone for the moment . . ." Q stepped out of Jim's line of sight. "But not the none-lethal injury on your head." He could hear the sound of Q stepping back, the sound of a grenade being turned on, and it became clear this man didn't intend to die being devoured. "Good luck!"

Jim opened his eyes.

"Q . . ." Jim said. "Who is Q?"

Jim got up then went out of the room opening the door.

"Spock, Sybok, have you been up all day?" Jim asked.

"Affirmative." The two replied.



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